Aug 20, 2022
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“Minsk-3”: The Nazis need to take a break – or take a break

In the photo: Presidents of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Presidents of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and UN Secretary General António Guterres (from left to right) after trilateral talks

In the photo: Presidents of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Presidents of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and UN Secretary General António Guterres (from left to right) after trilateral talks (Photo: AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka/TASS)

Turkish media, referring to their insiders both in Ankara and Kyiv, write that Erdogan during his visit to Lvov will discuss his mediation mission between Putin as well as Zelensky. By and large, now only Rejep Tayipovich (as they joke in Nenko) is able to do the impossible, that is, to seat the leaders of Russia and Ukraine at the negotiating table.

The owner of Bankovaya, according to leaks organized from the president’s office, is actually flirting when he declares that he is ready for a personal meeting with VVP, but without any preliminary protocols and agreements. Like, the terms of the peace treaty formally remain the same – this is the “withdrawal of Russian troops to the borders on February 24.”

True, why then meet at all, if for the Russian Federation – “everything is fine,” Ukrainian truth-tellers are wondering. On the fronts, the Russian troops are crushing zahisniks in the Independence with their artillery, the Ukrainian rear is covered by Calibers and Iskanders. Even worse than on the battlefield, for Zelya, things are in the economy, which cannot be said about Putin’s Russia.

Russia’s current account surplus has skyrocketed, say independent economists. Moscow has never had such “cosmic” export earnings as it is now. Yes, and the decline in imports no longer seems critical, as the arresters present, promising hard times for our country. So, in 2015-2016, the volumes of purchases abroad were similar to those of today. And nothing bad happened.

In this regard, the comment of the Minister of Zhovto-Blakyt Defense is interesting. Reznikova. In an interview with Voice of America, he stated the following: “There may be an option to reduce activity depending on what season it is. And again, modern warfare is a war of resources. Resources, of course, are depleted on both sides. And, accordingly, each side it takes time to recover… Their resource is also wasted, which means that they will need some recovery. Therefore, let’s say, cooling the situation in terms of combat clashes is possible.

Perhaps for Ukraine, the current battles are actually the hardest war, including the depletion of resources, but for Moscow, whatever one may say, it is a military special operation to liberate the primordially Russian lands from Bandera. This, as they say, by the way.

Much more important is Reznikov’s confession, albeit a veiled one, that it is Nenko who needs to “cool down” the hot phase of the conflict. In fact, we are talking about a signal from Bankovaya to the Kremlin that the Ze-team needs a truce. True, Reznikov immediately gives back, like, this is not a freezing of the conflict, but just a cooling. Most likely, this game is for the public, if only because he had never said anything like that before.

Then why does Zelensky insist on a personal meeting with Putin if the parties stand on very different positions? The answer, apparently, lies in some kind of “diplomatic breakthrough.” Say, two leaders would meet and resolve the issue.

It seems like the parties do not agree with the enemy, but decided to leave the controversial issues for the future. If the Ze-team is informed about such plans in advance, then the most diverse political forces will begin to bargain for themselves all sorts of pleasant nishtyaks. It’s just the way Ukrainian politics works. And there will be no media effect due to the expectation of the event.

Not just talker No. 1 of the Ze-team and part-time national psychotherapist Lyuska Arestovich suddenly began to praise his boss, like, “Zelensky has only one major flaw: he is too kind. Too human.”

It must be understood that “too human” is sick with all his heart for people, which means that theoretically he can sacrifice something because of his lack. Moreover, even the most frostbitten Nazis are already longing for peace under the name of “temporary truce.” The LOMs (leaders of public opinion) and trade union propagandists like Arestovich will explain to the especially Maidan hulks that they need to “lick their wounds” before a new fight, especially if winter is close. In short, find the right words.

And yet, as those who know the alignment of forces in Ukraine explain, the times when Bandera roamed around Kyiv, with the tip of a sedentary sticking out from under the OUN caps, and grandfather’s sawn-off shotgun sticking out from under the hem of the jacket, have passed.

Regiment “Azov” **, the Western territorial defense, the national battalions were drained of blood. The survivors of Bandera no longer wage a political struggle. Under these conditions, they are not capable of a Maidan or an attempt on the president. All people’s deputies, including the ex-president Poroshenko and gas princess Tymoshenkounder the hood of the SBU controlled by the head of the OP Yermak.

“In the office of the President [Украины] decided to speed up in the case of cleaning up the entire political and media opposition in Ukraine,” the local truth-tellers scribble, waiting with horror for the SBU officers to knock on their door.

It makes sense to pay attention to one more phrase of Arestovich. He said: “Those who shout that Zelensky did not announce the start of a full-scale invasion in advance are disingenuous. The President decided to act not as he was advised (for which he is now being scolded in unison by ultra-patriots and collaborators), but as he saw fit.” Like, and now the clown will make a surprise, which will have the effect of an exploding bomb.

According to a number of Ukrainian experts from among the last adequate, Zelensky deliberately began shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in order to have at least some trump cards in the negotiations. And this, according to the “master plan” of the Ze-team, can be a matter of compromise.

Of course, without a bottle of vodka, as they say, you can’t figure it out, but perhaps Zelensky, through Erdogan, will offer Putin a bargain: the Russians are freezing not only hostilities, but also referendums, and the Ze-team is suspending terror in Crimea and strikes on ZaNPP.

If not, and the GDP does not agree, then “the lack of a counter-offensive on Kherson, the objective decrease in Western aid, the retreat in the east, the poor supply of the army, the failure of the heating season, the economic crisis, the default – all this will become unimportant after nuclear pollution.”

Now, by the way, in Ukrnet, one can not even doubt that with the suggestion of the media people of the OP, a discourse began on what the conditional “Minsk-3”, or rather “Istanbul-2” could be. There is an opinion that the Ze-team is trying to probe public opinion on whether the people will raise the topic of huge victims and territorial losses through the fault of Zelensky. The clown could have signed Istanbul-1, whose only concession was the wording “stop NATO”, but the fool became stubborn, which caused the current national catastrophe.

Independent bloggers remind that it was the Ukrainian side that thwarted both “Minsk”, moreover, Poroshenko immediately after signing said that he would not fulfill the agreements with Putin. Then, we recall, Berlin and Paris acted as guarantors of peace from the western side, but the Germans and French did not reason with the Nazis.

On the other hand, it is absolutely clear that the Yankees will definitely not sign a new peace treaty, which should fix the return of Russian lands to Russia, which ended up in nenko due to historical misunderstandings. If you squeeze emotions out of the above discourse, then in the bottom line, according to one telegram channel widely quoted in Nenko, there will be a sad statement of one simple fact: “no one can give such guarantees and have such a level of trust to sign something the same “streamlined” so that both sides are in the black.”

Why nobody? The Russian army can easily give guarantees that the new treaty will be implemented. If Kyiv begins to cheat again, then our soldiers will clean up Nenko from the Nazis to the very Polish border (provided that the parties agree to the “Korean option”). However, who said that Russia would cling to this proposal?

* In accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On the Mass Media” by the decisions of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, “Voice of America” ​​is recognized as a foreign mass media outlet, performing the functions of a foreign agent.

** The Ukrainian battalion “Azov” was recognized as a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 02.08.2022. Activities in Russia are prohibited.

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