Jan 25, 2021
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Ministry of Internal Affairs and Central Bank warned of a new scheme of telephone fraud

The Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have warned the Russians about a new scheme of telephone fraud: attackers pose as police officers and scare the victim with a criminal case.

Fraudsters inform bank clients by phone that a criminal case has allegedly been initiated against them at the request of the Central Bank. Then they try to find out from gullible Russians personal data, bank card data and information about the transactions performed, in order to further use this information to steal money from citizens’ accounts.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Bank of Russia warn: only fraudsters make such calls.

“The Bank of Russia draws attention to the fact that it does not submit applications to law enforcement agencies regarding operations without the consent of customers of credit institutions. If during a telephone conversation a stranger refers to a criminal process initiated by the Bank of Russia, this is an attacker, ”the Central Bank warned.

When a criminal case is initiated, the defendant will receive an official summons by mail with a call to the police department.

“In case of a call from a police officer, the Ministry of Internal Affairs recommends to call the duty unit and clarify whether such an employee really exists. You should not transfer information about your accounts and cards, ”said Irina Volk, an official representative of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The basic safety rules are simple: never and under no circumstances should you communicate personal data or payment card data to strangers by phone, no matter what the pretext is to find them out and whoever the interlocutor appears to be.

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