Oct 16, 2020
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Ministry of Health registered maximum selling prices for drugs from COVID-19

The Russian Ministry of Health has registered the maximum selling prices for drugs for the treatment of coronavirus infection, according to the agency's website.

So, the drug "Avifavir" in a dosage of 200 mg will cost 1,000 rubles for 10 pieces, four thousand rubles - for 40, five thousand - for 50.

The prices for Areplivir in a dosage of 200 mg will be 4 thousand rubles for 40 pieces and 10 thousand rubles for 100 pieces. At the same time, the cost of the Ilsira drug (180 mg) was fixed at 47,531 rubles.

The department stressed that the marginal price for the drug does not include value added tax (VAT), wholesale and retail markups.

Recall that in September, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation authorized the outpatient use of two domestic drugs for coronavirus infection with the international non-proprietary name Favipiravir - Coronavir and Areplivir. Prior to that, they could only be used for treatment in hospitals strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Earlier, the government decided to include Favipiravir in the list of vital and essential medicines.

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