Dec 31, 2020
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Ministry of Energy announced staff reduction

The Ministry of Energy, in accordance with a government order, is reorganizing the structure of the department and the number of employees, according to the ministry’s website.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a decree with parameters for optimizing the states of federal authorities. As part of this reform of the state apparatus, changes will take place in 45 ministries and departments. As a result of optimization, subdivisions performing support functions will be reduced, it was reported that their number will decrease by 74.

So, from January 1, 2021, the energy department will abolish the departments of project management and maintenance of the ministry, corporate policy and property relations in the sectors of the fuel and energy complex (FEC), monitoring of payment discipline in the fuel and energy complex. It is specified that the issues they supervise will be redistributed among other departments.

Meanwhile, the departments of oil and gas processing, production and transportation, as well as the departments of the coal and peat industry and international cooperation will be united.

In addition, next year there will be a 5% reduction in the staffing, employees are promised to be offered new positions in the civil service.

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