Oct 17, 2020
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Ministry of Education: digital educational environment differs from distance learning

Teachers began to use digital technologies long before the coronavirus pandemic, Director of the Department of Digital Transformation and Big Data of the Ministry of Education of Russia Pavel Kuzmin said on October 13 on the air of Vesti FM radio station.

Kuzmin said that teachers long ago discovered the value of digital technologies, after which they began to use them: "Many teachers appreciated the potential of digital technologies and began to use them long before the pandemic."

According to him, such technologies allow teachers to communicate more with students: "They free teachers from routine work and allow them to communicate more with children, to reveal their professional potential."

The Director informed that the concepts of digital educational environment (DSP) and distance learning differ significantly. He explained that DSP provides interaction between the source of knowledge and the student, tracking his progress: "The number makes it possible to present new knowledge in a dynamic and interactive format, and allows you to track the individual progress of each child."

Earlier, on October 7, the Russian government published a draft resolution, according to which DSP will be implemented in schools until 2030. The Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergei Kravtsov said that the "digital biography" of the student will be monitored in the DSP.

We will remind, on August 5, Deputy Minister of Education Tatyana Vasilyeva said that the coronavirus pandemic contributed to the massive introduction of the digital educational environment (DSP) in education.

Prior to that, on July 13, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova said that the situation with coronavirus infection had proven the importance of e-learning in a distance format. According to her, from the fall of 2020, an experiment will be carried out to test the DSP, which will provide children with new learning opportunities.

Before that, on June 11, Lilia Gumerova, Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, said that there was an "unhealthy excitement" around distance education, while it had already been "spelled out" in Russian legislation for a long time.

Editorial comment

Of course, DSP and remote control are different. The first is the tool, and the second is the process by which the tool is used. Moreover, even if DSP is used in the course of full-time education, then this virtual environment replaces the live communication between the teacher and the student, hindering the full development of the child.

An attempt to present DSP as a tool to help the teacher is a distracting maneuver - it is no coincidence that officials imagine DSP and "remote control" as a whole.

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