Sep 16, 2021
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Ministers of the Baltic States and Poland met and blamed Russia

Lithuania, as always, protects the whole of Europe – now from migrants

A meeting of the defense ministers and foreign ministers of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia took place in Riga.

“At eight meetings, the ministers discussed the current problems facing the region, the reaction to the hybrid operation carried out by the Lukashenka regime and the West 2021 exercise. According to the Minister of Defense of Lithuania Arvydas Anushauskas, the crisis of border crossing by illegal migrants caused by the hybrid operation teaches valuable lessons, ”

– informs the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

Arvydas Anushauskas in his speech at the ministerial meeting, he explained to the audience that this “hybrid attack” is being carried out not only against four countries, but also against the entire European Union. And, of course, Lithuania again protects the whole of Europe with its breasts. That is, that Europe, which faced the problem of migrants many years ago and has already ceased to consider it a big problem, having reconciled with it.

Nevertheless, Anushauskas called on the ministers to rally and give a “coordinated response” to all ill-wishers who are sending crowds of migrants to storm the European borders.

In addition, the Lithuanian minister revealed a secret: it turns out, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko He did not organize all this “hybrid attack” alone – Russia allegedly “helped” him, and all actions of Moscow and Minsk were coordinated.

However, it is not original and this secret is no longer a secret – the day before, the Minister of Defense of Poland made a similar accusation. Mariusz Blaszczakwho wrote on his page v Twitter:

“The problem on the Polish-Belarusian border is a dirty game between Lukashenka and the Kremlin. Damage to the fence is also the result of the activities of the Belarusian special services ”.

With Alexander Lukashenko, everything is clear – he personally brings migrants to the Polish border and breaks fences, but the Polish minister did not specify what role the Kremlin plays in this.

It only remains to add here that the Polish border guards detained a group of 13 people who were trying to destroy the “fence” under construction on the border with Belarus. To the surprise of the border guards, only one of the detainees turned out to be a foreigner – a citizen of the Netherlands, the rest were Poles. All of them were accused of anti-state activities. It was this “attack on the fence” that Matyusz Blaszczak called “The result of the activities of the Belarusian special services”

Yes, all this would be funny if it were not so sad …

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In the photo, the Meeting of Ministers of Poland and the Baltic States in Riga, source – Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

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