Aug 22, 2022
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Miniature “washing machine” designed to wash fingers after eating chips

finger washing machineEven the most die-hard chips fans can’t help but admit that there’s something rather annoying about this snack – the greasy fingers that we get after we satisfy our hunger.

finger washing machine

You can use a napkin, you can go to the bathroom to wash your hands, or you can lick your fingers. But representatives of the Lays company in Japan claim that they have come up with a much more suitable solution – a miniature Lays fingertip washing machine.

finger washing machine

It is enough to press the power button and stick a fat finger into the hole, as it will be immediately treated with sprayed alcohol. The “Lays fingertip” baby (15 centimeters high and 11 centimeters wide) is equipped with a USB charging port and is also attractive because it is stylized as a real washing machine. Despite the obvious stupidity of such an invention, it cannot be denied originality. Besides, without stupid things, our lives would be pretty boring.

finger washing machine

Unfortunately, only five washing machines have been created, and even then they are not for sale. “Lays fingertip” will be sold in Japan through a lottery run by “Lays”.

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