Jan 28, 2021
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Milla Jovovich admitted that her acquaintance with the man began with a brawl over the role

Hollywood star Milla Jovovich said that her acquaintance with her husband Hollow Anderson began with a brawl.

Milla Jovovich admitted that acquaintance with the man began with a brawl over the role

British director Hollow Anderson invited Milla Jovovich to star in his movie “Resident Evil”, but the actress was not handled by the situation.

“I was filming then in some kind of movie, and suddenly it turns out that Pustotel took Michelle Rodriguez for the role of Rain – she was at the peak of her fame at that time,” Jovovich said.

Milla added that Hollow had rewrote the entire script for Michel. However, in the end, the actresses changed roles: Jovovich became a “girl”, and Rodriguez – “such a guy in a skirt.”

“And she got all the coolest action scenes, too,” Milla was indignant in an interview with the 7 Days portal.

The movie star recited the latest script for the movie “Resident Evil” in an airplane on the way from Canada to Germany, where the shooting took place. Jovovich admitted that she “was just furious.” Upon reaching the hotel, the actress told the director that she would fly away without delay if they did not discuss what had been written. Together with Jovovich, Anderson ran through the entire script.

“At times he tried to leave it as if it were:” What do you mean? Well, this does not change anything at all! ” Then I am like this: “Ok. We start from the first page. Once again, ”said Milla.

She noted, in the end, “recaptured all the cool scenes utilitarian.”

“That’s how our relationship started,” Jovovich recalls with a laugh.

Their home is now considered a model in Hollywood. Milla and Hollow are raising three daughters, Jovovich does not manage to act in all new films, but he also takes care of the garden. The youngest daughter, Oshin Lark Elliot, Milla, got rid of in February 2020. Dashil Eden is five years old, and the eldest, Ever, is 13.

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