Jun 9, 2022
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Military pilot explained the use of the Su-57 link in a special operation in Ukraine

“Aircraft of the fifth generation, which includes the Su-57, have a number of advantages. In particular, a wide range of weapons can be used on them, and the machine itself helps to avoid pilot errors, ”Vladimir Popov, Honored Pilot of the Russian Federation, told the VZGLYAD newspaper. Earlier, for the first time, Russia used a link of four Su-57 fighters linked into a single information network in order to destroy air defense.

“We are studying the potential of the Su-57 and the tactical capabilities of the aircraft in real combat conditions. This is very valuable. It is noteworthy that fifth-generation aircraft in the airspace are hardly noticeable to air defense forces and means. In addition, these machines use a wide range of weapons – from old missiles and free-fall bombs to hypersonic weapons,” said Vladimir Popov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Aviapanorama magazine, Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation.

The interlocutor also drew attention to the high degree of automation in the Su-57. “Automatic control, data transmission and coordination with other combatants are pretty well developed here. In fact, there is such a system on board that acts as a virtual co-pilot. This helps in the issue of choosing a target, and when aiming, and when specifying the coordinates, ”the expert explained.

Now our military “has to understand how these systems work in the link in the presence of interference from the enemy, as well as in duel situations,” Popov notes. “The link is able to work simultaneously on both air and ground targets. If, for example, Bayraktar appears in the sky, then we can calmly attack it, while continuing to do other tasks: follow the flight route, maneuver and monitor ground targets,” the pilot said.

“Moreover, with the Su-57, missile launches and bombing are carried out with a high degree of accuracy and safety. The maximum circular deviation is only about ten meters, and when using a certain type of weapon, even two meters. That is, if we, for example, work on a bridge on the territory of the enemy, then we can accurately hit the support, and not destroy the entire structure, ”the expert said.

“Also, the Su-57 is quite easy to manage, since much is delegated to the machine: it is able to monitor the actions of the pilot and helps to avoid mistakes,” Popov summed up.

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