Sep 17, 2020
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Military expert Korotchenko explained why the US wants war with Russia

Since the days of the Soviet Union, the United States has considered our country only as a potential enemy and pursued an aggressive policy towards Russia. Military expert Igor Korotchenko told NewInform about this.

Pentagon chief Mark Esper called Russia and China the main strategic rivals of the United States. Both countries are modernizing their armed forces and expanding capabilities in space and cyberspace, he said.

“The United States and its partners must continue to defend our founding principles and our way of life. And we are determined to do it, ”said Esper.


Earlier, in February, it became known that in the draft US budget for the 2021 fiscal year, Russia and China were named the main threats to the United States. To counter Russia, Washington offered to allocate $ 700 billion. These funds will go to support US allies in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia and to strengthen common security. An additional $ 24 million will be spent on combating "Russian propaganda and disinformation."

In light of the fact that it is the United States that is pursuing an aggressive policy of a unipolar world and dictating its rules to other states in the political and economic arenas, such a statement by the head of the Pentagon looks, to put it mildly, strange.

Military expert Igor Korotchenko recalled that this is not the first or last statement by the Pentagon.

“The doctrinal documents of the United States indicate that Russia and China are America's enemies, so the current statement only confirms the fact that the American army regards Russia as a potential adversary and is preparing for war with it. In this case, there is nothing new for us - another confirmation of Washington's aggressive and unconstructive course, ”the expert noted.

Answering the question of a journalist whether this statement is connected with our achievements in the military-industrial complex, Korotchenko answered in the negative.


“Since the emergence of the Soviet Union on the ruins of the Russian Empire, and then Russia, the United States has always considered us only as an enemy. Except for a short period of the Second World War, when we fought Hitler together. It is worth noting that the Americans joined only at the very last stage, and before that they waited until the USSR and Germany exhausted each other in hostilities. Only in 1944, when the second front was opened and it was clear that our troops were going to Berlin, ”said the source.

According to Korotchenko, after 1945, all US policy was hostile, the Americans were considering plans for a nuclear attack from both the Soviet Union and Russia.

“Today, American bombers are practicing options for striking nuclear-armed cruise missiles against targets in Russia. So the Pentagon chief did not discover anything new, in this case he only confirmed his course. There is an arms race, if you look at the US military budget, then without any statements by the Pentagon representative it becomes clear what America is preparing for - for war, ”the expert concluded.

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