Jun 24, 2022
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Military expert Knutov spoke about ultra-modern howitzers supplied to Ukraine

Military expert Knutov spoke about ultra-modern howitzers supplied to Ukraine

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Arms supplies to Ukraine continue to grow, military expert Yuri Knutov said.

He recalls that in Europe there have been several meetings of the defense departments of countries that help Ukraine in the confrontation with the Russian Federation, writes The first such meeting took place in Germany at the American Ramstein base.

After Rammstein-1, says Knutov, Ukraine began to receive more weapons. And each meeting in this format, and there have already been three of them, is aimed at increasing the volume of weapons supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In particular, the French Caesar howitzers are digital howitzers. They receive information, including from satellites, and it all goes online, the time delay is minimal, and fire is opened on a target that has been detected. Therefore, she will be struck with almost one hundred percent probability, ”said Knutov.

Ukraine was also promised German howitzers Pantsir-2000. According to the expert, these weapons have not yet arrived on the territory of Ukraine. But in Germany, the Ukrainian military has already begun a course on its use.

Ukraine received a large number of American M-777 howitzers. The Americans did not put electronics on them. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine received Canadian howitzers already with electronics, which also makes it possible to deliver very accurate strikes on targets.

Therefore, Russian intelligence was given the task of finding out where these weapons were located so that strikes could be made on them.

It is worth noting that the United States signed a law on lend-lease for Ukraine and it provides for the provision of military assistance to Ukraine for tens of billions of dollars.

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