Sep 16, 2020
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Military expert Knutov: Russia will mirror the response to NATO provocations

Timely and mirrored measures by the Russian Aerospace Forces in response to the violation of Russian borders will have a sobering effect on the "hotheads" in the Pentagon. This opinion was expressed to NewInform by military expert Yuri Knutov.

On the day of Vladimir Putin's meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, NATO B-52 bombers appeared in the immediate vicinity of the Bocharov Ruchei residence in Sochi, where the heads of the two states met.

Russia responded to this provocation from the United States immediately, in fact, immediately after the appearance of American strike aircraft, Russian Tu-160 missile carriers, accompanied by MiG-28 fighters, headed for the North Atlantic. Russia's retaliatory step was so eloquent that the Norwegian Air Force sent its planes to intercept.


Thus, the leadership of the Russian Aerospace Forces clearly demonstrated their capabilities and announced that they would give a symmetrical response to any attempts to invade the country's airspace. It is noted that from the positions in which the missile carriers were located, it was theoretically possible to deliver an accurate strike on the British capital.

Provocations by NATO aircraft near the Russian borders have intensified and increased in frequency in recent months. They fly over the Baltic, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the Kuril Islands. In addition to reconnaissance airliners, B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers fly near the Russian borders.

Yuri Knutov, a military expert and director of the Air Defense Museum, noted that since the last decade of August and September of this year, the United States has sharply increased the activity of its aviation.

“Moreover, the flights are clearly provocative and aim to attract the attention of the American and Western public. The purpose of the flights is military pressure on Russia. The reason for the activity of the American aviation was the events in Belarus and the attempt by the United States through military threats to force Moscow to withdraw its support for Lukashenko. This is connected with the provocative actions of American aircraft in the Crimea region and over the Black Sea, ”the speaker said.

The flight of the American plane during the negotiations between the two countries was clearly provocative, Knutov is sure.


“That is why a Russian fighter jet was raised to intercept, ready, if necessary, to destroy an American plane in preparation for launching missiles. In addition, additional security measures were taken to create an adequate threat to the leaders of a number of NATO countries and, first of all, to the bloc's headquarters in Brussels. The flight of the Russian Tu-160 over the Atlantic, if necessary, would make it possible to strike with cruise missiles at a number of objects in other member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, ”the source said.

Knutov believes that such timely and mirrored measures by the Russian Military Space Forces will have a sobering effect on the "hotheads" in the Pentagon.

Vasily Shevchenko

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