Nov 5, 2021
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Military build-up discussed with NATO in Chisinau

The Moldovan army under the leadership of the Alliance was in 107th place in the world

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) of Moldova organized a campaign in the country called “NATO Awareness Days”. The NATO Information Center and the State University of Moldova also take part in the campaign.

According to the director of the NATO Information Center Elena Myrzak, the campaign organizers will try in a few days to convey to the Moldovans the whole “truth about the Alliance”, about its goals and values, and, of course, explain to the Moldovans that their stereotypes about NATO are wrong, in fact, the Alliance is doing its best to establish peace all over the world, everything else is enemy propaganda. To convey to the people “the whole truth” will be through lectures, and representatives of the so-called civil society, activists and international experts will speak to the population of the country.

Within the framework of the Days of Awareness, a meeting of the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova took place in Chisinau Valeriu Miza and Head of the Eastern Partnership Directorate, NATO Political Affairs and Security Policy Division Tanya Hartman… At the meeting, the parties discussed issues of cooperation between the National Army of Moldova and the Alliance under the Partnership for Peace program, the participation of Moldovan military contingents in international peacekeeping operations, as well as the implementation of the Defense Capacity Building Initiative (DCBI).

The international conference “Prospects for Partnership and Security through Cooperation with NATO for the Period up to 2030” was also held in Chisinau, at which the Deputy Secretary General of NATO spoke Mircea Joan, however, by video link. He also tried to convince the conference participants that the Alliance is engaged in creating a “sustainable security system around the world” and nothing else. He also recalled that Moldova has been cooperating with NATO for almost 30 years, despite the declared neutrality of the country, against which they have nothing in the Alliance and even offered Chisinau seven years ago a package of individual initiatives to reform its defense sector. Since then, the entire reform of the Moldovan army has been under the strict supervision of NATO military specialists.

And the successes are very noticeable – the Moldovan army was in 107th place among all military formations in the world, just after Botswana.

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