May 1, 2021
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Milana Tyulpanova criticized the ex-wife of Arshavin

The former woman of football player Alexander Kerzhakov Milan Tyulpanov criticized Alisa Kazmina.

Milana Tyulpanova criticized the ex-wife of Arshavin

The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin, Alisa Kazmina, is fighting for her life, trying to overcome the liquid autoimmune disease that disfigured her face. However, Milana Tyulpanova does not in the least sympathize with the woman, believing that she is trying to deceive herself with the pity of the former faithful and those around her.

“Alice has a dream – to live on the maintenance and do nothing! All her troubles from idleness, laziness and the use of others for personal purposes!” – said Milana Tyulpanova.

We will remind, a few months ago it became famous that Alisa Kazmina had a disastrous autoimmune disease, which broke her nose. Also recently, a woman had been ill with a coronavirus in a disastrous figure. At the same time, she continues to sue Andrei Arshavin’s mother for the house.

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