Jul 31, 2020
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Milan Tyulpanov told how Alexander Kerzhakov for the first time beat her during a trip to Switzerland

12:55, 30.07.2020

On violence in marriage with the player, the Senator's daughter told in the newly released book.

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26-year-old Milan day four years was married to footballer Alexander Kerzhakov. However, their marriage cannot be called cloudless. After two years of marriage, the athlete began to raise his hand to his young wife. About this difficult period of his life Tyulpanov wrote in the book "Kill a victim", which was released five days ago.

In the book about his life in Milan frankly told, how did the first case of violence by Kerzhakov. The girl found in the phone of the player of the evidence of his infidelities. This happened at a time when Kerzhakov played in the football team of Zurich and lived in Switzerland. That day the team won the Alexander Cup. On this occasion the family had a great holiday, where the champion had been drinking, although it next day was to return to St. Petersburg.

Milan went to collect my things and looked in the phone of the spouse. "I found his phone had dozens of conversations with different girls. He very clearly communicated with them in those moments when I left Switzerland and spent time with his son from a previous common-law wife, or went to their parents," said Tyulpanov.

Tyulpanov rasskaze, as her husband beat her during a trip to Switzerland

She photographed the evidence on the phone and showed her husband the next day. "I did not have time until the end to ask a question about what it all means, I received a blow on the head and fell face down on tiled floor. Then the husband grabbed me by the hair and pushed on the already collected suitcases. I became hysterical, I tried to get up, push again and I hit my head on the corner of the suitcase. Sasha was furious, yelled: "You betrayed me! You don't trust me! And a wife who doesn't trust me, I don't need them!" — shared a dramatic moment of Milan.

For her at that moment it was a shock — the girl tried to hide in the bedroom, but he ran after her, knocked on the bed and began to choke him with a pillow, repeating the words about betrayal. "The result of our life in Switzerland for me were numerous bruises, cracked rib and psychological trauma", — said the ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov. She decided to divorce, but the husband begged her forgiveness directly and through relatives. She gave up. But relations have improved with Alexander, she began to allow to see friends and for the reconciliation transferred all his capital at the expense of Milan.

Recall, 26-year-old Milan day was born in the family of Senator Vadim Tyulpanovit referred to with great respect. With Kerzhakov she met in 2014, when the player experienced a breakup with a former girlfriend Ekaterina Safronova. Tyulpanov married the sportsman in 2015, and in April 2017 gave birth to a son Artemia.

Milan's day with her son Artemy

The time of birth of first child coincided with tragic circumstances in a girl's life: six days before that from coronary heart disease her father died Vadim of Tulips. As told in the book of Milan during this difficult time she found no support from her husband, but instead was shocked by his cynical attitude, which he outlined at the funeral of the Senator. "When I was taking out the coffin, he said, "What a great man, but he is so for me nothing did." The phrase is jarring and memorable, but at that moment I couldn't fully appreciate all of its cynicism", — quotes the edition of Milan Tulipanova"StarHit".

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