Jan 16, 2022
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Milan – the territory of Islam, or Unbreakable tolerance

“Milan – the territory conquered by Islam” – under the heading of an Italian newspaper Newspaper described rampage of street gangs of immigrants in this Italian city. For the third week now, a scandal has been raging in the country in connection with the events in the northern capital of Italy on New Year’s Eve, when a crowd of migrants in the central Duomo Square, in the very center of the city, attacked women and collectively raped them. It is impossible to answer the question of what the police were doing at that time.

“They attacked me in a crowd, began to tear off my clothes, threw me to the ground … I began to suffocate, I thought I would die,” – said one of the victims of the attack.

They tried to rape two female students from Germany right at the fence of the square. No one heard their screams because of the loud music and the roar of fireworks. Already nine injured girls have contacted the police, but authorities believe that there were many more. Riccardo de Corato, the security commissioner of Lombardy, the region that includes Milan, called on all other women who have been abused to contact prosecutors.

A police statement in Milan said that a group of young people aged 15 to 21 were involved in the sexual assaults and bodily harm on young women who were in the square on New Year’s Eve. The suspects were identified using surveillance cameras and amateur video footage. Some have been arrested, others are being sought.

Almost all of the attackers were North Africans, according to Italian authorities. Milanese and Turin police forces have been mobilized to catch the perpetrators. Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorghese expressed her hope that “perpetrators of harassment and violence will be brought to justice as soon as possible”. She urged that every effort be made to ensure that such “unfortunate behavior” does not happen again.

The attacks on women in Italy are similar to what happened six years ago in Germany during the New Year celebrations in Cologne. There, on the night of January 1, 2016, several hundred immigrant men gathered at the Cologne Cathedral attacked local residents, subjecting them to sexual violence and robbery. History repeats itself.

As noted by the Italian media, what happened on New Year’s Eve in Milan is not an isolated episode, there are more and more such cases. Conclusions were not drawn even after the dismembered body of an 18-year-old Italian woman was found on the side of the road in two suitcases in 2018 in the suburbs of the city of Macerata, for whose murder three Nigerian migrants were arrested. Many doubt that the unbridled “guests” will ever be called to order.

“Beyond the terrible night of collective sexual harassment in the Piazza Duomo, – writes Newspaper, – the idea of ​​conquest is hidden, and Milan, a European city, is the chosen territory of this action, here illegal or criminal acts are no longer carried out secretly, but with crazy symbolic ambition”.

Last year, about 300 young people gathered in Selinunte Square in San Siro to make a video with a young Maghrebian rapper, and a real war of migrants against the police began. They threw bottles and stones at the police, shouting “Get out of here!”. In December 2017, a political-religious demonstration took place in Cavour Square, where anti-Semitic and jihadist slogans were chanted.

Most Europeans, with their perverted tolerance, prefer to turn a blind eye to what is happening. And what happened in Milan no longer caused such a reaction as the events of 2016 in Cologne. Former justice of the peace Carlo Nordio speaks of the unwillingness of the authorities “to intervene out of fear of being accused of racial discrimination, police authoritarianism, or fascist repression”.

And the influx of migrants to Italy is not weakening: by 2021, compared to 2019, it has grown six times, said Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The total number of immigrants living in the Apennines now reaches almost 6 million people.

As for the general data on illegal immigrants in Europe, according to preliminary data Frontex, the total number of illegal EU border crossings in 2021 was just under 200,000, the highest number since 2017. This is an increase of 36% compared to 2019 and 57% compared to 2020.

The suicidal tolerance of Europeans, in spite of everything, triumphs both in the structures of power and in society. Therefore, the police in Milan did not immediately intervene, although they perfectly saw the outrage being committed.

Today, Milan is declared a territory of Islam. Tomorrow, the whole of Western Europe promises to become such a territory.

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