Jul 29, 2020
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Milan group thanked Ksenia Sobchak for helping to create a book about domestic violence

16:38, 28.07.2020

Also, the ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov has expressed gratitude to Andrey Malakhov and Valerie.

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26-year-old Milan day for five years was married to footballer Alexander Kerzhakov. They met in the 2014 year: at the time the athlete experienced a bad breakup with the second civil wife Catherine Safronova. Milan still agreed to marry Alexander and adopted his two children from a previous marriage. In 2017, the year the couple had a son Artemyand in a year Tyulpanov said that he no longer lives with her husband.

In the future, Milan Tyulpanov said that the Hulk brutally beat her and not let her see her son. The player is motivated by the fact that the Tulip has developed a drug addiction after suddenly from coronary heart disease her father died. The girl had severe psychological problems, which she honestly told Agatha muceniece YouTube show "a fair divorce."

Milan day and Alexander Kerzhakov

Difficult period in the life of Milana Tulip formed the basis of her book "Kill a victim" in which she tells her story. The book went on sale three days ago. Milan said that he wrote it in order to help other girls caught in similar situation. In his book group talks about how to get out of abusive relations, to survive the divorce and begin life anew.

To book Milana Tulip "Kill a victim" written reviews such stars of show business, like Ksenia Sobchak, Andrey Malakhov and Valery. Today Milan thanked each of them for their support and assistance in the creation of the book in his microblog in Instagram. Ksenia Sobchak has helped Tulip even long before Milan came up with the idea of writing a book. "So, at the time when She was still heads red "L'officiel", I came to her with incredible confusion in the head, totally confused what should I do and how. I will never forget that she put the recorder aside and for about an hour specifically washed my brain, though, then it's not much help. But I'm definitely grateful," shared group (spelling and punctuation of the author unchanged. — Approx. ed.).

Book Milana Tulip appreciated Ksenia Sobchak, Andrey Malakhov and Valery

With Andrei Malakhov Milan group met during the filming of the program "live". Anchorman inspired ex-wife Kerzhakov, saying that her experience can save other girls throughout Russia. This saying Malakhov pushed Milan to the writing of the book. "Thank you for that, it's really important when you inspire to some action of importance to you people", — said Malakhov Milan group.

At the end of June there was an interview with Milana Tulip in the show, "Why me?", held by the singer Valeria. She also read a book Tulip and told me that this story is very close to her, because the singer had long suffered from cruel treatment of her former husband Alexander Shulgin. "With Valeria interview we did not so long ago, at that moment all the horrors of my marriage is already over and I was just nice to share experiences, to share their thoughts on the topic abusing relations, to talk about what it gave to me personally," expressed his gratitude to Milan.

Recall that the Milan group took part in the seventh season of the reality show "the Bachelor." The girl came to fight for the heart of the dentist Anton Krivorotov, but the finale never came. Later she told me that she went to the transfer in order to get out of their "comfort zone" and once again try to believe in love.

Milan group took part in the show "the Bachelor"

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