Jan 13, 2022
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Mikhail Zelensky had been ill with COVID-19 six months before his death

One of the concomitant factors in the death of TV presenter Mikhail Zelensky could be the coronavirus, which he contracted about six months ago.

Initially, the media wrote that the journalist died of a stroke. However, viewers doubted this point of view, since men at the age of 46 very rarely part with their lives for this reason.

The inner circle of the presenter claims that in May last year, Zelensky had been ill with COVID-19. However, he did not attach much importance to this and almost immediately returned to work. In addition, the journalist, as his friends say, smoked a lot.

Mikhail Zelensky died during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic. According to one of the latest versions, the cause of death of the TV presenter was cardiac arrest. Local doctors tried to help him, but the journalist spent the last minutes of his life in a hospital bed in a foreign country.

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