Apr 20, 2021
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Mikhail Shats spoke about the purchase of the Agatha Christie group for a million dollars

The famous Russian actor and presenter Mikhail Shats told his sighters about an unimaginable incident that happened in Yalta approximately 20 years ago. Then he was invited to a private party and he was promised a large sum of money for the entry.

Mikhail Shats spoke about the purchase of the Agatha Christie group for a million dollars

In addition to him, the popular group “Agatha Christie”, as well as Angelica Varum with Leonid Agutin came to the event. Then the birthday of the owner of the hotel chain was celebrated. However, instead of the 400 people invited to the holiday, a total of 12 remembered, and the birthday man’s progress was pretty bad.

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Mikhail then greeted everyone who was concentrating, but it seemed to the hero of the occasion that everything was going somehow sadly and at some point 15 submachine gunners at the pool synchronously removed the locks on their machines, then everyone tensed.

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Varum and Agutin performed and immediately drove off from the outlandish party, but the members of the Agatha Christie group worked as if forever. They poured intoxicated and, according to their state and mood, coincided with the birthday man. The businessman decided to rise on the stage and began to sing along with the group, and later said that he was buying them in absolute composition for a million dollars. The musicians immediately agreed, but after an hour no one remembered this deal, concluded Schatz.

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