Jun 6, 2022
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Mikhail Shats felt persecuted in Israel after emigrating

Mikhail Shats felt persecuted in Israel after emigrating

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The well-known Russian comedian and TV presenter Mikhail Shats learned in Israel what a hate is. The husband of Tatiana Lazareva is now in exile, he has recently arrived in Israel. The TV presenter is still silent about why and why he decided to go abroad for permanent residence. Nevertheless, Russian fans do not get tired of accusing the comedian of betrayal, leaving his homeland in such a difficult period. This was reported by the publication

In social networks, many of Mikhail’s subscribers criticize him for leaving the Russian Federation just when the country needs the support of its citizens so much. The Israelis also do not encourage the flight of the TV presenter from their country. Permanent residents of Israel, without ceremony, declare: let’s, together with Maxim Galkin, look for another place of bread. People are angry with him because the showman made a lot of money in his homeland, but ran away from it.

However, Mikhail Shats is not silent about all such statements. The humorist energetically enters into a skirmish with all his ill-wishers, being sure that he is right.

“We will definitely get together with freeloaders and think about how to help you!” — said the 56-year-old artist.

Tatyana Lazareva noted that her husband went to Israel because of his work, and also denied rumors of a divorce. According to her, they did not divorce, contrary to the expectations of ill-wishers. She does not deny that in the future she may get a divorce, because now she and her husband are building a life without each other’s participation. The telediva herself lives in Spain, where she has real estate, and does not exclude that she will someday return to Russia.

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