Nov 16, 2021
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Mikhail Politseimako takes care of his health after the death of his father


The presenter and actor Mikhail Politseimako took the death of his dad very hard.

It is the parental example that makes the artist closely monitor his health.

Semyon Farada passed away in 2009 at the age of 75. The artist suffered two strokes and needed constant care in the last years of his life. His son Mikhail Politseimako then even left the theater in order to find a more profitable job and pay for the services of a nurse.

12 years have passed since the tragedy, but Mikhail’s wound has not healed. According to the artist, his father’s health problems were the result of his lifestyle.

With age, we all come to the conclusion that we need to take care of our health, because people do not get younger. You can’t sleep for four hours at 64 or run out of a hangover to walk the dog early in the morning, and then rush to the rehearsal! And whoever tells him what, no one decides to him. The only one he listened to was my grandmother – his Jewish mother. She died in 1989. I remember how my dad was worried. I just lay there and stared at the ceiling for two days“, – said Poliseymako.

Mikhail Policeimako
Mikhail Policeimako

The tragedy that happened to his father changed Mikhail’s attitude to his own health. The artist tries not to overload himself with work and often undergoes examinations. “I, who lost my father as early as he lost his mother, take care of my health. I think my kids have a better chance of spending more time with the folder. My father did not leave such a chance. I’m also a late child, I was born when he was 42“- said the actor.

Now his wife Larisa helps Mikhail in all household chores. Also, their grandmother Maria Politseimako takes an active part in raising children. “Mom has goals, tasks, she really needs it! There are grandchildren and great-grandchildren. After all, her eldest son from his first marriage is already 62. And I need her, and my children“, – said the actor.

In an interview for 7 Days, Mikhail also spoke about new creative projects. Now he is working on several theatrical productions, constantly acting in films. Having chosen the profession of an artist, Poliseimako took on a heavy burden, because he had to correspond to eminent parents. So far, the actor is coping with this task.

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