May 20, 2020
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Mikhail Mishustin survived twice

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Officially recovered Mikhail Mishustin, the president returned his prime ministerial powers. In a sense, this combination is reminiscent of an episode with an operation on the heart of Boris Yeltsin, when he handed over the “nuclear suitcase” with all rights to Viktor Chernomyrdin, but hastily regained his status as soon as he moved away from anesthesia.

Return in the White House of Mishustin put an end to the fascinating conspiratorial bacchanalia, witnesses of which we have been these few weeks. It all started with a bold assumption that Mishustin’s disease is not a disease at all, but a specious excuse for his resignation. Since they appointed him in a qualitatively different, yet "peaceful" setting. And to solve completely different tasks that are fundamentally different from the current ones - to preserve and feasibly revive everything that will survive a pandemic pause.

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Then, insiders in all colors described the deep current layouts, focusing on the separate support of the patient, Mikhail Mishustin and I. about. Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, members of the so-called 2: 0 Politburo, which includes people from the inner circle of Vladimir Putin. Finally, even retinues of each of the cabinet’s protagonists were identified, emphasizing the closeness of the head of the government’s apparatus, Dmitry Grigorenko, deputy prime ministers Yuri Borisov, Marat Khusnullin and the heads of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade Anton Siluanov and Denis Manturov to the prime minister, and deputy prime ministers Yuri Trutnev, Victoria Abramchenko and Tatyana Golikova, as well as transport and construction ministers Yevgeny Ditrich and Vladimir Yakushev to the first deputy. In a word, everyone played their information games, taking advantage of some uncertainty of the current non-standard situation. Quite specific, but inaccessible to the general public, tasks and meanings were solved and formulated.

Now it is time for everyone to return from the height of political empires to a sinful economic land, which in some forecasts already resembles the surface of Mars after the collapse of civilization there. Meanwhile, the submission of the plan for the post-viral recovery of the national economy was postponed from 000 May to June 1. That is, Mikhail Mishustin is left with time to evaluate everything that has been developed, since his signature will still be final. And he will have to personally be responsible for the quality of economic modeling, which, in the full sense of the term, has not been dealt with at a high level in our country for a long time.

Accordingly, Mishustin should bear full and personal responsibility for the implementation of the current project . And this, in turn, will provide food for new speculation that, supposedly, Mikhail Mishustin in the current non-standard situation is a figure openly sacrificial and coming, since then he will be happy to write off all the costs of the new transition period and send him to an honorary resignation the same Security Council or just to the Federation Council.

But, they say, the next prime minister, white and fluffy, may well be considered as a key figure in the inevitable transit of power, the problems of which now seem to have faded into the backgroundod onslaught pandemic costs.

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An interesting detail. The other day, the former deputy prime minister of the Gaidar draft, Alfred Koch, from his "historical homeland", Germany, in an interview with Ukrainian journalists in his characteristic style, poured dirt on abandoned Russia, both the president and the Russian government as a whole. But when asked about Mishustin, he replied that he had heard only positive things about him. I wonder if such an assessment will be a plus for the premiere.

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