Sep 13, 2020
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Mikhail Efremov’s lawyer denied information that he received 11 million rubles from the actor’s family

15:59, 09/12/2020

Earlier in the media there were reports that Elman Pashayev promised the artist a suspended sentence for a fee.

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On September 8, the Presnensky District Court of Moscow announced the verdict to 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov. The Honored Artist of Russia, who arranged a fatal accident in early June, was sentenced to eight years in a penal colony, and also ordered to pay 800 thousand rubles in moral compensation to the eldest son of the deceased Sergei Zakharov. Efremov was handcuffed right in the courtroom, after which he was taken to a pre-trial detention center.

It is worth noting that the artist's lawyer spoke to the last about the innocence of his client. In an interview with reporters, Elman Pashayev argued that he would be able to ensure that Mikhail Olegovich was released right in the courtroom. I must say that two days after the announcement of the verdict, Pashayev decided to give a long interview to the Moscow 24 TV channel. During a conversation with the presenter, he also said that he provided his services to Efremov completely free of charge.

Mikhail Efremov

However, last Friday there was information that the human rights activist nevertheless took money from Efremov, promising to provide him with a suspended sentence. According to an insider, the artist had to give Pashayev a very large sum - 11 million rubles. Moreover, the source clarifies that the lawyer managed to get the money. Now, after Mikhail Olegovich was in custody, his family launched the procedure for the return of these funds.

“Mikhail’s relatives have a receipt from Pashayev on receipt of 11 million rubles, in exchange for which he“ undertakes to provide ”a suspended sentence or a short term with serving in a colony-settlement. That is, Pashayev took money not for legal work, but for a specific sentence, which he undertook to provide to Efremov. There is also a recording of a conversation with Pashayev, in which he speaks of receiving 11 million rubles, ”the source reports.

Elman Pashayev claims that he did not take money from Mikhail Efremov

However, Elman Pashayev himself quite expectedly denied information about receiving any money from Efremov or his family. "Stupidity and dirt" - this is how Mikhail Olegovich's lawyer commented on the latest news in a conversation with "KP". At the same time, the human rights activist did not deny the presence of receipts that he gave to Efremov. “Let them show my receipts, then you will understand what really happened,” Pashayev concluded.

Recall that in his first big interview after the announcement of the verdict to Efremov, his lawyer claimed that he knew from the very beginning that the court would give the actor eight years in prison. Allegedly due to the fact that Mikhail Olegovich immediately after the accident managed to admit his guilt in the death of Sergei Zakharov, the case could not be won. “I work for results. I cannot take that kind of money from you, despite the fact that I see no results. Seven or eight years - I see. But if you withstand the appeal instance, I will ruin this case in the cassation court, ”said Mikhail Efremov's lawyer. Pashayev also stressed that for three months he and his colleague Ekaterina Shargorodskaya worked without a fee, while paying for the work of their employees.

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