Sep 16, 2020
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Mikhail Efremov wrote a letter to journalists from the SIZO, telling about what he regrets

00:59, 09/17/2020

The actor noted that he had to drink less.

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56-year-old Mikhail Efremov provoked a fatal accident in the center of Moscow. On the evening of June 8, the actor got behind the wheel of his drunk car and jumped out into the oncoming lane on Smolenskaya Square. As a result of the collision of Yefremov's car with the van, a 57-year-old courier from Ryazan, Sergei Zakharov, was seriously injured. The next day the driver died from his injuries. As a result, Mikhail Efremov was sentenced to eight years in a general regime penal colony, and also ordered to pay 800 thousand rubles in moral compensation to the eldest son of the deceased Zakharov.

Mikhail Efremov was extremely dissatisfied with the announced verdict. Over the past two months, his lawyer Elman Pashayev has repeatedly stated that he has evidence of the actor's innocence. The human rights activist suggested that the court consider various versions of the fatal accident. Pashayev announced a possible attack by hackers who could intercept control of Efremov's car using a smartphone. He also brought witnesses to the case, the testimony of which the court considered not reliable.

Elman Pashaev

Mikhail Olegovich noted that Pashayev really “framed” him, choosing a rather strange line of defense, so the lawyer will no longer represent him on the appeal. Last week the name of the new lawyer Efremov became known. This is a human rights activist with 15 years of experience Roman Filippov... According to sources, Filippov was not seen in scandalous situations, unlike Pashayev, who had already been deprived of his license three times.

Now the 56-year-old actor is in jail-5 "Vodnik". Since the announcement of the verdict, Efremov has received many letters. One of them came with questions from journalists. Efremov responded to the appeal. “What happened is done. This, then, is the fate. On that day, alas, I don't remember anything from about 13.00. So the moral is simple - you need to drink less. But, in short, nothing and, unfortunately, nobody can be returned. It is, of course, awful ",- quotes the honored artist of the Russian Federation “RT ".

Mikhail Efremov

Note that Mikhail Efremov will stay in jail for another month. According to the head of the legal center Pavel Pyatnitsky, the conditions in the pre-trial detention center, where Efremov is now, are better than in many other places. In addition, if the actor's relatives send a request, then you can ask the Federal Penitentiary Service in Moscow to leave the star prisoner in the economic support unit. Ksenia Sobchak even suggested that Mikhail Efremov could be released much earlier than the appointed time. According to the journalist, the artist may fall under an amnesty next year, the project of which is being prepared by one of the leading parties in Russia.

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