Oct 12, 2020
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Mikhail Efremov, who arranged a fatal road accident, went in for sports in a pre-trial detention center

13:12, 10/12/2020

The actor is addicted to table tennis.

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In early June this year, Mikhail Efremov became a participant in an accident in the center of Moscow. The SUV of the 56-year-old artist flew into the oncoming lane and collided with a white Lada van. As a result of the accident, the driver of the domestic car was seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital, and Efremov was detained. According to the results of the medical examination, it turned out that the actor got behind the wheel while intoxicated. A few hours after the accident, it became known that the driver of the van, Sergei Zakharov, had died at the N.N. Sklifosovsky.

Efremov on 8 September received eight years of imprisonment in a general regime correctional colony. After the verdict was announced, Mikhail Olegovich was immediately handcuffed and taken to a pre-trial detention center. The artist's relatives and Efremov himself said that his defender Elman Pashayev chose a strange line of defense, because of which the actor received such a term.

Mikhail Efremov received eight years of imprisonment in a general regime correctional colony

Immediately after Mikhail Olegovich was detained, the head of the legal center Pavel Pyatnitsky said that nothing threatens Efremov in prison, and that the pre-trial detention center, where he is now, is one of the best. I must say that the conditions of the artist's detention in SIZO-5 are really not the worst for a prisoner. So, the cell has access to hot and cold water supply, you can take a shower.

Today it became known that in the SIZO the actor decided to go in for sports. This was reported by the newspaper "". The actor goes to the gym, where there is a table tennis table. To practice ping-pong, he even ordered rackets from relatives. According to the rules of the SIZO, he can only play with inmates.

Mikhail Efremov in front of the Presnensky court building

By the way, a number of paid services are provided for the isolation ward where Efremov is located. For example, Mikhail Olegovich can order himself a Peking duck or a Tiramisu cake. The artist can diversify prison meals with pasta with mozzarella and tomatoes and Kiev cutlets. However, the cost of meals is twice as high as in regular catering. For prisoners in SIZO-5, a vegetarian menu is provided, which includes Tuscan bean soup or other legume dishes, as well as vegetable salads. There is no alcohol on the menu, and the price of instant coffee is more than a thousand rubles per package of 450 grams. Additionally, you can order thermal underwear, backgammon and tobacco products.

Recall that on September 18, the former defender of Efremov Elman Pashayev was deprived of his lawyer status. During the trial, he repeatedly made loud statements, for which he was criticized. So, Pashayev proposed to seriously consider the version of a hacker attack with the help of space satellites on the car of Mikhail Efremov during an accident. The ex-defender of the artist also stated that Mikhail Olegovich was not at the wheel of the jeep at all. The lawyer even cited the testimony of a witness in court, who later turned out to be blind in one eye. An eyewitness said that allegedly that evening he saw that the actor was in the passenger seat. However, he later admitted that on the day of the accident he was also slightly drunk.

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