Apr 26, 2021
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Mikhail Efremov spoke about life in the colony

Actor Mikhail Efremov, who is serving a punishment for a fatal accident in a penal colony in the Belgorod region, first spoke about life in the colony.

Mikhail Efremov spoke about life in the colony

About six months ago, the 57-year-old artist was transported from Moscow to a penal colony near Belgorod. All these are times about the life of an artist in the IC all told by his lawyers

Now Mikhail Efremov managed to communicate with the journalists of the StarHit portal through a lawyer. He was asked about life in the colony.

“The colony is not scary. It was a little unusual that the rigid order, the system of life was regulated in everything. It took some getting used to. The fact that I lived before – there was no system there. I got used to it for two or three months, ”the artist shared.

Also, journalists asked Mikhail Efremov, as if he was spending timeless times and what brings him bliss.

“All kinds of events in the colony where I can attend as a spectator or a fan – it gives me bliss. Football matches are also held. I myself play table tennis very well. Here until I play, but in the future I would be hungry, ”he shared.

We will remind that last summer Mikhail Efremov provoked a road accident in the focus of Moscow. The actor was intoxicated while driving. As a result, the road accident killed the courier Sergei Zakharov.

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