Sep 17, 2022
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Mikhail Efremov in the colony managed to make a film about himself


Actor Mikhail Efremov not only made a film about himself while in prison, but also presented it at the film festival.

58-year-old Mikhail Efremov is serving a sentence for a fatal accident in a colony in the Belgorod region. Behind bars, the actor manages not only to work in a sewing workshop, but also to engage in creativity.

It became known that the Sovremennik star took part in the creation of two documentaries about the life of prisoners, one of which was even shown at the All-Russian Film Festival in Chelyabinsk.

The picture is called “Reassessment of Values” and is the director’s work of Efremov. The jury members, however, were not impressed by the seven-minute tape, and they left it without awards. However, the actor’s undertaking was decided to support the MK journalists, who presented him with a special prize for the best director.

Mikhail Efremov
Mikhail Efremov

The second film “Life after Prison”, where Efremov already appears in the frame, was also shown on the big screen – at the IX All-Russian Film Festival of the works of convicts “Hope. Chelyabinsk. In the film, the Sovremennik star talks about life in the colony and about the prejudices that exist in society against people who have served time in prison.

Our whole history says: the one who was in prison evokes negative feelings … Behind bars, people are more likely to wake up more good than bad”, says Mikhail Olegovich.

He said that his existence behind bars is not so dull. He reads a lot and communicates regularly with the priest who visits the colony.

Efremov had good relations with the convicts. By the way, in addition to documentaries, the actor became interested in KVN. He said that he writes scripts for a local club.

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