Sep 16, 2020
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Mikhail Efremov and his alleged mistress Daria Belousova were suspected of joint use of prohibited substances

07:06, 09/16/2020

The owner of the apartment, which the couple rented for meetings, spoke about the characteristic unbearable smell in the house, which was difficult to get rid of.

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On June 8, 2020, 56-year-old drunk Mikhail Efremov provoked a fatal traffic accident on Smolenskaya Square, crashing into the van of a 57-year-old courier from Ryazan, Sergei Zakharov, in a jeep. The latter died from his injuries at the N.N. Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine a few hours after the accident. At the scene of the accident, the actor was so drunk that he was unable to answer any questions about the incident.

Investigators talked with Efremov the day after the accident. It is noteworthy that the communication took place not in the actor's apartment in Plotnikov Lane, but in Kazarmenny Lane in a rented apartment with 36-year-old actress Daria Belousova, where Efremov went after the accident. By the way, Mikhail Efremov has been seen in this apartment more than once since last autumn. Belousova, who also works at the Sovremennik Theater, was called a close friend of the actor.

Daria Belousava, Mikhail Efremov, Ivan Stebunov

According to information that appeared later, Daria had an affair with Mikhail, who is officially married to Sofya Kruglikova, who gave birth to three children. According to colleagues Efremov in the theater, recently he lived with Belousova. Their romance began in 2019 after Daria's divorce from Shamil, the brother of Chulpan Khamatova. Kruglikova, on the other hand, lived in a country house with her children during self-isolation. According to insiders, it was Mikhail who rented this apartment for Daria, at the same time he was not going to dissolve the marriage with Sophia.

After the accident, Efremov arrived at Daria Belousova's rented apartment

On the eve of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live ”, the owner of the apartment, rented by Daria, appeared in the studio. For the first time, Efremov was interviewed within these walls. She said that Mikhail was a frequent guest of the actress. According to the neighbors, Belousova more than once brought home on the shoulders of Efremov, who had gone through alcohol. They also often went shopping together and smoked on the balcony.

However, most of all the owner of the apartment Anna Zekherman upset how the housing looked after living together in it a star couple. During the broadcast on the show, she complained that the amount of damage was 365 thousand rubles. “This window was broken by Efremov when he could not get into the apartment, which he considered by right, because he was paying. The refrigerator does not work, the stove - through the tree stump, ”- the hostess was indignant.

The owner of the rented apartment complained that the artists ransacked her apartment

In addition, the toilet was cracked in the apartment, and the burnt carpets and bed linen had to be thrown out altogether. Moreover, Zekherman accused Belousov of stealing household appliances, and the star couple of joint use of prohibited substances. “There was a vacuum cleaner here, a new one that I bought. She stole the vacuum cleaner. Annochka Nikolavnochka - she called me that. Says, "Annochka Nikolavnochka, your toilet is cracked!" And I believe that it was Mikhail Efremov who missed the toilet. The burnt cortex is thrown away. By the way, the smell in the apartment did not disappear for two weeks. Because of what the mattress, bedspreads, blankets, pillows, curtains were thrown away! All this so absorbed some kind of smell that even after we threw it out, the apartment was checked for two more weeks! And this is a substance unknown to me. I think they smoked something here together, ”complained Anna Zekherman in a conversation with Andrei Malakhov.

Within the walls of Daria Belousova's rented apartment, Efremov was interviewed for the first time

Currently, Mikhail Efremov, who received eight years in a general regime colony for a fatal road accident, is in a pre-trial detention center. The artist disagrees with the harsh verdict of the judge and intends to file an appeal, challenging the verdict. He refused the services of the disgraced lawyer Elman Pashayev and hired another lawyer. It turned out to be a 42-year-old Roman Filippov, a lawyer with 15 years of experience. In addition, today it turned out that Roman also turned out to be a respected professional in sports circles - he is the world, European and Russian armwrestling champion.

Roman Filippov at arm wrestling competitions

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