Feb 16, 2021
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Mikhail Delyagin: Many families will be left without money and without housing

One of the outstanding achievements of the wild builders of thieves feudalism, quite comparable in efficiency with the eradication of the “Daragikh rasseyan” with the cannibalistic monetization of benefits, pension reforms and the optimization of health care, was the recently adopted by “United Russia” law on the “integrated development of the built-up area.”

I must say that before spreading to the whole country, this mechanism, as far as can be judged, was tested on our fellow citizens as an experiment – the results of which we should know, because they are the immediate future of millions.

Residents of the village of Razvilka (more precisely, its part called the “Old Settlement”) of the Leninsky District of the Moscow Region, located immediately behind the Moscow Ring Road at the intersection with the Kashirskoye Highway, share their bitter experience (the situation is described based on the appeal of the general meeting of residents). The land in the village is, for obvious reasons, “golden”, and its part, built up with dilapidated houses of the 50s, was included in the program for “development of the built-up area.” The local council of deputies made a decision on this in June 2012, in February 2013 the administration adopted a resolution on its basis, and in January 2014 concluded the “Contract for the development of a built-up area” (DRZT).

In accordance with it, a territory was allocated, but with which the investor had to build 4 houses for the resettlement of residents of 7 old houses in them, build three 17-storey buildings on the liberated territory (RC “New Razvilka”), sell apartments in them and receive income of more than 5 RUB bln

As usual, 17-storey buildings were sold from the ground up. In 2017, 12 floors of one house were built, and the construction came to a standstill for 2.5 years, leaving 217 newly deceived equity holders. After the instructions of the President of Russia, working with them became a priority for the Moscow Region authorities, and in 2020 a crisis manager appeared. His efforts, as far as can be judged, were aimed at defrauded equity holders, and in relation to the displaced persons, he signed an agreement with the local administration on the allocation of 32 apartments to them instead of the necessary (and provided for in the agreement!) 222. After that, construction resumed, the sale of apartments to new equity holders began. The “Development Contract for Built-Up Area” expiring in 2020 was extended for another 6 years and a loan was taken for construction.

Thus, the administration, with the full connivance of the authorities of the Moscow region and the governor personally Vorobieva (or was it an effective development of a new technology for “territory development”?) directly violated the agreement she signed with the investor, which prohibits the sale of apartments in buildings under construction until the distribution of apartments among the migrants and provides for the construction, in addition to housing for sale, of a developed social infrastructure.

32 families, perhaps, will receive housing, and the remaining 190, it seems, will be thrown into an open field after the destruction of their houses, already dilapidated. The law on “integrated development of the territory” adopted by “United Russia” objectively ensures just such a development of events, since it does not guarantee the resettled citizens neither new housing nor money sufficient to purchase at least an equivalent one.

The best they can count on is the continuation of vegetation in their crumbling houses (as residents write, “there is no store, pharmacy, complete lack of necessary household services”) until the next commercial-bureaucratic paroxysm.

At the same time, families who fell under the “development” program were held hostage: for more than 8 years, due to the undefined status of their apartments, they can neither sell, nor exchange, nor even mortgage them – and now the law also allows them to be thrown out on the street with scanty compensation, insufficient to purchase even a dog kennel.

At the same time, many years of complaints from residents to the local administration were crowned with her message that “according to the developer, currently … work is underway to collect information about the right, on the basis of which the persons subject to resettlement own the dwelling”! I wonder what will happen if the developer does not recognize the ownership of the housing of the “wrong” families? Or will it consider only 32 out of 222 families to be relocated, recognized as such by a new agreement concluded by the local administration with the crisis manager?

As residents of Razvilka rightly point out, the difference between the contract implemented in their relation and the one provided for by the law “Integrated development of the built-up area”, as far as one can judge, is only in the fact that the contract concerned a small village, but “integrated development” will apply the experience accumulated in the Moscow region and proven technologies to vast territories of entire cities.

Without the return of the state to the service of the people and under their control, without changing the very model of its functioning from the plundering of Russia to its development, the bureaucracy running wild before our eyes, it seems, will, in the shortest possible time, make the once richest and second most developed country in the world simply unsuitable for living.

At the same time, the “thieves feudal lords” sincerely do not understand what the people of Russia do not like in their titanic ebullient activities and are childishly offended by “stupid negligent subjects” who do not understand their happiness.

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