Feb 16, 2021
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Mikhail Boyarsky, 71, was hospitalized in St. Petersburg

12:17, 16.02.2021

The actor tested negative for coronavirus.

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Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized. This was announced by his wife Larisa Luppian. According to her, she called an ambulance for her husband to be on the safe side when he became ill. At the moment, the actor is in the St. Petersburg hospital number 122.

Boyarsky’s exact diagnosis is still unknown. It is reported that a rapid test for coronavirus was negative. Mikhail Boyarsky has a high fever and symptoms of ARVI. The artist has a suspicion of pneumonia, but so far it has not been confirmed. Ten days ago, the actor was vaccinated against the coronavirus. Perhaps the current state of the artist is a reaction to vaccination. Luppian admitted that her husband was not willing to call the doctors. “He is calling now and curses me for calling an ambulance,” the artist’s wife shared.

Mikhail Boyarsky

We will remind that on the eve of February 15, it became known that the People’s Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Boyarsky got into the database of bailiffs. The reason was the artist’s debt of three thousand rubles for an unpaid traffic police fine for incorrect parking on November 30, 2020. This is not the first such violation of the actor. Previously, his foreign car also got up on the sidewalk in St. Petersburg. The actor himself said that he does not remember any offenses.

Mikhail Boyarsky’s car

Recall that Mikhail Boyarsky was born into a famous theatrical family. His father is an actor of the Komissarzhevskaya Theater Sergei Boyarsky, and her mother is an actress of the Comedy Theater Ekaterina Melentieva… The parents of the future “musketeer” dreamed that he would not follow in their footsteps and become an actor, but start a musical career. Boyarsky studied at the music school at the conservatory, and then put him at the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. After graduation, he auditioned for the director of the Lensovet Theater and was accepted into the troupe.

Boyarsky began his theatrical career with extras. But in the musical “Troubadour and His Friends” he got the main role. It is noteworthy that Larisa Luppian, who in the future became his wife, also played with him. In 1973, Mikhail Sergeevich auditioned for the main role in the film “A Romance of Lovers” directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. But in the end, preference was given to Evgeny Kindinov. Boyarsky also made his film debut in the tape “Bridges”, where, accidentally noticing, the workers of the Moldovan film studio called him.

Mikhail Boyarsky in the film “Bridges”

By the way, Mikhail Boyarsky partially fulfilled his parents’ dream. The actor, along with his acting career, developed a musical one. He recorded songs and showcased his vocal talents in films. In addition, the actor is engaged in dubbing.

Song of the Musketeers from the movie “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”

It is worth adding that Mikhail Boyarsky and his wife have two children. In 1980, the couple had a son, Sergei, and in 1985, a daughter, Elizabeth. She, by the way, followed in the footsteps of her parents and became an actress. The actor has already become a grandfather four times, writes Channel Five.

Note that today, on February 16, it became known about the hospitalization of Yuri Solomin. The 85-year-old actor has a coronavirus test confirmed. He was treated for the virus for several days, but today he was transferred to the hospital.

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