Feb 18, 2021
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Mikhail Boyarsky, 71, contacted for the first time after hospitalization

12:27, 02/18/2021

The artist said that today he will play at the theater. Lensovet.

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Last Tuesday it became known about the hospitalization of Mikhail Boyarsky. This was announced by the wife of 71-year-old artist Larisa Luppian. It was she who called an ambulance for her husband when he became ill. The arrived doctors eventually took Boyarsky to the St. Petersburg hospital №122.

Yesterday, the son of Mikhail Boyarsky announced that his father would soon be discharged from the hospital. And today Mikhail Sergeevich himself first got in touch after his hospitalization. The artist thanked everyone for their participation and said that in the evening he would take part in the performance of the theater. Lensovet.

“Things are good! Thanks to all! Today we meet at the play @lensovet_theatre Don’t get sick! Your MB “, – wrote Boyarsky in his microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. row.). By the way, in today’s production of “Mixed Feelings” Boyarsky will play along with his wife Larisa Luppian. In the play, the spouses play lovers.

Mikhail Boyarsky first contacted after hospitalization

It is worth noting that it is still not known for what reason Mikhail Boyarsky ended up in the hospital. His son Sergei said that nothing threatens the artist’s health. He also clarified that Boyarsky was not hospitalized due to coronavirus infection. By the way, the actor was in the same hospital where Alisa Freindlich was treated for COVID-19. The actress was admitted to the intensive care unit at the end of December 2020. At first it was reported that the artist was connected to a ventilator. There were also rumors that Alisa Brunovna’s condition was rapidly deteriorating, allegedly she was diagnosed with a cytokine storm – an uncontrolled response of the human immune system to a coronavirus infection. However, doctors later denied these rumors.

Freundlich spent more than a month in the hospital. Only in early February, the examination showed a significant improvement in the condition of the actress’s lungs. The artist’s coronavirus test was negative. On February 12, Alisa Brunovna was discharged from the hospital. It is interesting that Freundlich, like many artists of the age, tried not to risk her health during the entire period of self-isolation. However, this did not save Alisa Brunovna from contracting coronavirus infection. By the way, Mikhail Boyarsky and his wife also spent most of 2020 in their country house in the Leningrad region.

Alisa Freundlich was treated for coronavirus in the same hospital where Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized

“Now I spend more time with my family. Mostly I am at home, with my wife and children. We need to look for some other options. Maybe go out of town. It is simply impossible to stay at home like that, ”Mikhail Sergeevich said last spring. By the way, unlike many of his colleagues in the workshop, the artist did not complain about financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. In November 2020, Mikhail Boyarsky said that he would rather go to work as a driver in case of financial difficulties. As for the possible help from the state, the artist would refuse it, even if it was offered to him.

Mikhail Boyarsky with his family

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