Oct 15, 2020
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Miguel said he was not interested in the life of his father who left him

08:52, 15.10.2020

The choreographer first saw a relative only in 2014.

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The mentor of the project "DANCES" on TNT Miguel was brought up by one mother - Tatiana Shestiperova... Miguel did not know his father and first met him only in 2014, when he went to Cuba for the New Year. After that, they crossed again - in 2017. However, Miguel does not try to establish contacts with his father, noting that he does not really need it. Moreover, Miguel is not particularly interested in his relative's life.

“He's retired a long time ago. In my opinion, he still teaches - something at the military academy. I don’t know what exactly. Not that it's a strange relationship, but after the last time I saw him, there is no such thing: "Oh, father." I understand that this person is, I feel emotions in relation to him. This does not mean that I have to penetrate into his life and begin to actively perform actions there, ”said Miguel.

Shestiperov in YouTube show Dancetory noted that he did not like his father's homeland, although he lived there in a large villa in the center of Havana. According to Miguel, he is much more comfortable in Russia, next to his mother. Despite the fact that the woman is already 73 years old, she tries to lead an active lifestyle and practice dancing - Tatyana attends Argentine tango courses.

Miguel admitted that he is not very interested in his father's life

Recall that Miguel once spoke about his situation in the family. He talked about the fact that his parents broke up even before the boy was born. Miguel's mother was not very worried about this, but calmly endured the break with her son's father. Miguel admitted that in fact his mother had a specific plan - she wanted her to have a dark-skinned child.

We add that such simplicity in life was inherited by Miguel. He admitted that he had a positive attitude towards one-night relations and often practiced this format of communication with girls when he was alone. Miguel clarified that such stories happened in his life almost every day. However, he never had any problems with partners. He immediately informed his chosen ones that they were unlikely to have any kind of continuation.

Miguel with his mother

Miguel has never put "labels" on people who live in the same way as him. According to the choreographer, people live a small life together overnight. When such stories happened, he was pleased. Moreover, he never condemned women leading such a lifestyle. Miguel believes that this behavior is also normal for girls if they get pleasure and inspiration from everything that happens. By the way, the only thing that Miguel condemns is the unwillingness to devote one hundred percent to his favorite work. He is willing to put up with the rest.

Exclusive video interview of Miguel for "Around TV"

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