Sep 16, 2021
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Migrants continue to divide yards in Moscow

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Russia is overwhelmed by migrant squabbles, uninvited guests converge “wall to wall”, while hundreds of people armed with sticks or rebar are often involved in clashes. For migrants, it is becoming the norm, settling temporarily in someone else’s house, to arrange a showdown with beating of faces.

A mass brawl in Kuzminki, a massacre in St. Petersburg Gorelov, a clash in Mytishchi near Moscow, which turned into a shootout. The latter ended with the deportation of guest workers from neighboring countries. It is possible to list incidents for a long time.

What’s most terrible: the fight between migrants does not end with each other, they become a direct threat to the security of the Russians. For example, in Pushkin, near Moscow, one of the management companies attracted employees of the “Caucasian” private security company to resolve the conflict issue with the residents of a house on Naberezhnaya Street. Locals are threatened with reprisals if homeowners do not choose the management company they want.

On the video, which turned out to be on the Web, one of the bearded employees of this security company can be seen threatening the tenants: “I won’t shoot, I will beat you, you know?” Those who are particularly stubborn are thrown to the ground like firewood.

New rules for Russians? No thanks!

Residents are afraid to leave their apartments. They assure that the chop officers are armed and are on duty at the entrances at night. So they show who is the boss in the house and in what order the Russians will now live.

And here is the incident that took place in Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan). On Gainullin Street – a mass brawl between migrants and Russian citizens. Guest workers make local people understand that now they will take jobs.

According to the townspeople, more than 1,000 migrants were recently brought to Nizhnekamsk to work at the petrochemical complex. After the fight, the police detained more than 300 people. A curfew has been imposed in dormitories, and authorities have increased street patrols.

In total, more than 10 mass fights of migrants have taken place in Russia in recent months.

People have forgotten that they are in another state. They are obliged to comply with the laws of Russia. Those who do not do this should be deported. We believe that a ban on entry to Russia for several decades would be an adequate measure,

– said in an interview with Constantinople, State Duma deputy Pyotr Tolstoy.

The Public Chamber discussed the problems of migration in Russia. There is no answer to a seemingly simple question, how many migrants are in the country now.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has only approximate data – 800 thousand guest workers. Statistics are floating. An inconvenient fact that needs to be acknowledged. At stake is the country’s national security. 60% of Russian citizens are in favor of limiting external migration. Because the newcomers get lost in enclaves, dictate their own rules, spit on the traditions and way of life of the Russian population.

On social networks, users posted shocking footage taken in Kotelniki near Moscow: in broad daylight, migrants butcher a ram in the courtyard of a residential building. “This is such a movement in our yard,” a local resident comments off-screen.

Playgrounds in this city look depressing – Russian families with children no longer walk here. Locals complain that their “guests” are brazenly surviving, “Russian children are being poisoned.” “Their child almost killed mine. He told his parents, and they just laughed in my face,” one of the users complains in the “Overheard in Kotelniki” public.

In general, the Moscow Region Caliphate reigns 20 km from the capital.

Street skirmishes go online. Here is a certain Tamerlane convinces that the Muslim people are “pure, unlike the Russians.” And here is another curious correspondence in which terrorism is publicly justified, in particular the explosions in the metro (screenshots are shown in the video of Constantinople).

The main problem is growing crime

During the round table “Migration Processes in the Context of Ensuring Public Security at the Present Stage: Risks, Threats and Current Solutions to Minimize them” held at the Public Chamber of Russia, the speakers noted that the number of crimes among migrants is growing in Moscow and St. Petersburg. As a rule, single young men enter Russia.

For example, here is a 24-year-old visitor from Uzbekistan. He is suspected of at least seven rapes. In St. Petersburg, Masturbek attacked girls in deserted places, inflicted a strong blow from the back, beat and raped. During interrogation, he said that no one wanted to get acquainted with him voluntarily, and nature took its toll.

Speaking at a round table in the Public Chamber, Constantin Malofeev, the founder of Constantinople, said:

We can never and in no way put the economy at the forefront when it comes to the safety of our citizens and social guarantees. Because we understand that the work that migrants perform in other, in ordinary life, was performed by citizens of Russia.

The chairman of the Tsargrad Society talks about the need for a law to protect the Russian people. But despite the fact that the Russian population is already shaking and in a fever, the Ministry of Construction declares that it intends to import guest workers by charter trains.

Russia is now exactly repeating the experience of Germany. Speaking at the discussions at the Public Chamber, Vice-Rector for International Relations of the Moscow International Academy Alexander Lapin said:

Already, in a number of schools in large German cities, the share of migrants exceeds 80%. Migrants live compactly in the ghetto. And according to German law enforcement agencies, patriarchal clan customs, typical of the Turkish or Arab heartland, reign there.

In Germany, migrants huddled in a ghetto and got out of the control of the authorities. And this aggressive class no longer even works – they live on benefits. And this is against the backdrop of the events in Afghanistan.

The terrorist threat to our country and its neighbors was recently announced by President Vladimir Putin. What is Russia waiting for? Who are we ashamed of? Migrants are a bomb that is about to explode …

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