Sep 5, 2021
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Migrants change power in Moldova. Russian to get ready? Sandu’s method exposed by political scientist

Migrants helped the West change power in Moldova. Should Russians get ready to repeat the Moldovan experience? The political scientist exposed Sandu’s method.

Former plenipotentiary of Belarus in Kiev and Chisinau, political adviser to the CIS Valery Poya said that the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, was brought to power by Western special services with the help of migrants. They made sure that Moldovan migrants who earn money abroad took part in the voting and put a “tick” in front of the name Sandu. Otherwise, they were threatened with deportation from the countries where they worked.

It was all over the place. It was a well-planned operation, it is not that Maia Sandu came without help, no, she came with the help of the West,

– noted Poya, speaking on the air of the “Main” program on the TVC21 channel.

The political scientist does not believe that the Moldovans, who have been working in Europe for 30 years and have not participated in elections before, suddenly all at once decided to become responsible citizens. Recall that 250 thousand Moldovans, who were in the EU countries and the United States, took part in the second round of the presidential elections. This brought Sandu victory.

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