May 2, 2022
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Microchip helps dog stolen 11 years ago reunite with family

microchip helped the dogMichelle Carlos, an animal control officer from Massachusetts (USA), received information about a dog that roamed the street uncontrollably.

microchip helped the dog

The woman caught the Yorkshire terrier and checked her new friend for the presence of a microchip. The chip did show up, so Michelle determined that the dog’s name was Rex, and at one time it belonged to Marcena Nyjadlik of Boston. True, the hostess, who rushed to pick up the pet, had not seen him for 11 years.

microchip helped the dog

A long time ago, a hooligan Rex took advantage of the open door to the street and jumped out of the house. Later, someone told Marcena that the dog was grabbed and, in fact, stolen by some person. Now Rex, reunited with his family, had to reacquaint himself with everyone, but he got used to it and was especially glad that he had a “beauty day”. Having told about this story on their official page on the Internet, the employees of the Department of Animal Control once again reminded people of the importance of chipping pets, because sometimes such chips can work wonders, as in the case of Rex.

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