May 3, 2022
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Micro workouts: a new approach to finding the perfect figure

Micro workouts: a new approach to finding the perfect figure

Scientists have found that intense four-second exercise, periodically repeated throughout the day, helps to neutralize the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Some might consider the idea of ​​micro-training revolutionary, but it’s not new. The Japanese kaizen methodology is based on a similar principle, following which you need to do a certain thing every day for exactly one minute at the same time. Despite the fact that it is difficult to do a lot in 60 seconds, it still brings a person closer to the goal, thanks to the system and a sense of satisfaction from even a small but completed task. In the future, the technique suggests gradually increasing the duration of classes. Most often this is not difficult, since the momentary beginning has an inspiring effect on people.

Why is four-second workouts worth making a habit, even if you regularly exercise several times a week? Performed before noon, they help improve energy metabolism. It has been proven that morning exercise helps to increase energy levels and the ability to concentrate, the formation of healthy eating habits.

Another study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that exercising in the morning improved attention, learning and decision making.

Short workouts can reduce the risk of diseases associated with prolonged immobility. The latest data obtained by scientists lead to a disappointing conclusion: on average, an adult spends about 9 hours a day sitting. This increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders, including in young people. However, in the course of observations, it was found that even the most insignificant physical activity significantly improves health, regardless of age.

This format does not take much time. Even during tough work deadlines, there is always the opportunity to include four-second exercises in your schedule. For example, on the way to the office cooler or in the process of preparing a cup of coffee.

These workouts do not require special training. Even if you did the last exercise of your life in PE class, four-second workouts don’t require you to remember what the difference is between the bench press and the French press. It is enough to do a few intense squats, run up and down one flight of stairs, or how to stretch in different directions.

While one wish is enough for a four-second exercise cycle, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Pick a comfortable suit. It is clear that you are unlikely to change clothes for the sake of four seconds. But if you’re working from home, it’s worth investing in sportswear to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Something democratic, casual is suitable for the office – especially if the dress code at your place of work is not too strict. A comfortable kit will set you in the right mood and will contribute to a gradual increase in the duration of training.
  • Set reminders on your smartphone. Any habit requires involvement until it reaches automatism. This is especially important to remember for those who work remotely, because moving the office to a home desktop often imperceptibly leads to even greater immobility. Therefore, at first, you need to help yourself to be distracted in time. At least for 4 seconds.
  • Observe the drinking regime. By increasing physical activity, the body loses more water than usual. So after each four-second run, you need to make up for this loss. For better control over the situation, you can install the application on your smartphone and put a bottle of water at the computer.

Finding four seconds is easier than waiting for Monday. Start a new life right now. 3-2-1 – let’s go!

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