Apr 20, 2021
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Michael Keaton to play Batman in upcoming movie “The Flash”

For a long time, the actor negotiated with the demiurges of the picture and did not dare to take part in the filming due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael Keaton to star as Batman in upcoming movie

In modern times, it became famous that Keaton met the decision to enter the cast of the new movie “Flash”, which is currently being filmed in the UK.

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The plot of the movie unfolds around the Flashpoint, which arose after the changes in reality by Barry Allen. Actually, therefore, Flash can meet at the same time with two Batmen. The first character to come as a cameo will be played by Ben Affleck. And the role of the second will be played by Michael Keaton.

The premiere of the newly made movie is scheduled for November of the next year.

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