May 5, 2022
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Mi6 and NATO intelligence: Russians will hit Zelensky with non-nuclear “Sarmat”

In the photo: the Russian RS-28 Sarmat ground-based silo-based missile system with the Sarmat heavy liquid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile.

In the photo: the Russian ground-based missile system RS-28 “Sarmat” with a heavy liquid intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”. (Photo: Press Service of the RF Ministry of Defense/TASS)

Judging by the publications in the Ukrainian and Western media, Kyiv is raising the stakes in the conflict with Moscow and is doing everything to embitter the people and everything “free (i.e. pro-American) humanity” against the Russians. This is done solely for the purpose of making mistakes. Zelenskyleading to the current catastrophe “square”.

The main attention is paid not to the fronts, but to the information “victories”. And with them, as the Zhovto-Blakit experts noted, it’s really bad. Ukrainian truth-seekers refer to the latest report titled “What worries the world?” (What worries the world?) It was recently published by one of the world leaders in the field of marketing research, the Ipsos company.

According to the abstract, the Ipsos poll tracks public opinion about the most important social and political issues in 27 countries “right now,” in this case in early April 2022. This global summary report presents the top issues that people think about with concern. Experts are looking for answers to questions about what is moving in the right or wrong direction in the leading countries of the world.

It turns out that only 20% of Americans and only 2% of Turks are concerned about modern military conflicts. In the list of main concerns, power clashes between countries are in 11th place, and far after inflation (1st place), poverty and social inequality (2nd place), unemployment (3rd place), crime (4th place) and so on.

No matter how much Zelensky speaks in the media and in front of parliaments (virtually), painting colorfully the “atrocities” of the Russians, “free humanity”, as they say, doesn’t give a damn about his narratives.

“We already wrote earlier that the war in Ukraine has faded into the background for the Americans, and that TV in the United States has begun to cover it less,” almost all yellow-Blakyt truth-tellers commented on the Ipsos report. Moreover, the evil lies in the fact that people do not believe in Kyiv’s position on Russia’s unmotivated attack on Ukraine. In a word, the media people of the “square” could not convince ordinary people, despite the total support of the leading American media.

Consequently, “Ze” and Co. will continue to come up with new information “bombs” in order to maintain the smoldering interest of the Yankees and other Europeans in the events in the “square”.

Among such stuffing may be information about the possible use of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) “Sarmat” by the RF Armed Forces. Sources from the Office of the President (OP) cite intelligence data from Mi6, whose agents allegedly belong to the high offices of the Kremlin. At the same time, the cunning Britons, although they support Ze and Co. in every possible way, categorically do not welcome Ukrainian refugees in the UK. This raises questions about the sincerity of London, including in the transfer of supposedly confidential information from the “most Russian tops.”

Nevertheless, the British are convincing the citizens that the conflict is moving into the stage of “brutality” and Moscow is ready to strike at the Ukrainian decision-making centers of ICBMs with a non-nuclear filling. Say, 10 tons of TNT flying at a speed of 7 km / s (at the time of impact) will not leave even a wet place from Zelensky’s bunker. Like, “listen to us and you’ll be alive.”

It seems that the recent successful testing of the Sarmat missile has really excited the Mi6. So the British experts decided why not the Russians hit this ICBM on Kyiv. In turn, the insiders of the OP are shocked that Zelensky is not only being led to this, but has already ordered the Ukrainian air defense to prepare to repel the new “Putin’s weapons.”

“As a number of our sources from various departments complement, such a strange task came from the OP. According to the requirements of Bankova, 11 (the address of the Zelensky administration), in the near future the Air Force command should send to the name of President Zelensky and the head of his office Yermak information by what means the Ukrainian air defense can repel the attack of the newest Russian ICBM “Sarmat””, – such news was spread by all Zhovto-Blakit telegram channels.

There is one important point that deserves special attention. According to this leak, Mi6 appears to be warning Kyiv that “allegedly, such a missile could be used in a non-nuclear version to strike important government and military targets in Kyiv, as a Russian retaliatory measure.”

Perhaps we are talking about an upcoming resonant provocation on Russian territory, after which, according to the “omniscient” British intelligence agents, the Russians will get so angry that they will bring down the full power of their non-nuclear weapons on Kyiv.

According to the patriots of Ukraine, familiarized with the document, which was received by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “this request put all specialists of the Independent Air Force into a stupor. Here it’s a no brainer that Ukrainian air defense is not able to repel the strike of any ICBM. There is not even an opportunity to detect its launch. Why Zelensky and Yermak need such a calculation, no one can understand.” However, not everything is so obvious.

What is surprising: several high-ranking sources from a number of Zhovto-Blakit media at once confirmed that not only Mi6, but also the intelligence services of the United States, NATO and the European Union, notified Zelensky that a non-nuclear Sarmat attack on Kyiv was possible. They say, where else, if not in the “square”, you can live experience the latest ICBM.

However, one can understand the message of “Ze” and Co. about “Sarmat” in the following way: the OP hints at the need for the American THAAD air defense system (mobile ground-based anti-missile system for high-altitude atmospheric interception of medium-range missiles). And it is quite possible that the “quarters” are making a reserve for the future at the suggestion of the Americans. If the Russian-Ukrainian conflict enters a sluggish phase, there is no doubt that the Yankees will try to make of the part of Ukraine that remains under the control of the pro-American government, something like the “West Germany” of the Cold War – a new outpost of NATO, even without membership in the alliance.

Yes, all this talk about “Sarmatians” hitting Kyiv, judging by the Ipsos report, is unlikely to surprise anyone in the United States. The majority of the Yankees, we repeat, do not give a damn about the “nenka”. But the danger, however, is that Washington could take advantage of the indifference of the Stars and Stripes to the conflict in Ukraine and pump the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the most modern weapons.

In any case, such tasks that the OP puts before the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine really increase the degree of confrontation. The Yankees do not even hide the fact that star-striped ears stick out behind the yellow-black generals. According to the American newspaper “Politico”, almost a thousand US citizens are now in the “square”, including in the status of military specialists.

By the way, the speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress also visited Kyiv Nancy Pelosito personally testify to “the support of the United States”. To protect the Western “guests” and need at least some kind of air defense.

So the yellow-Blakit experts are scratching their heads, wondering what all this would be for? Their common view is that Moscow is likely to hasten the destruction of transport infrastructure so that all this Western military aid is stuck somewhere in Galicia, becoming a legitimate target for the Caliber. And this is not the case to use the “Sarmatians”.

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