Jun 5, 2022
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Mi-17: US takes away our helicopters from Afghanistan and hand over to Zelensky

In the photo: MI-17 helicopters

In the photo: MI-17 helicopters (Photo: Vahram Baghdasaryan / Photolure / TASS)

The United States decided to send Russian military equipment to Kyiv as military support, which was once supplied by Moscow during the period of “antiterrorist friendship” in Afghanistan. We are talking about Mi-17 helicopters.

According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria ZakharovaThe package of “assistance” to Ukraine announced by the US administration on June 1 “included, among other things, 4 Mi-17 helicopters, which our country had previously transferred to the United States for operation exclusively in Afghanistan.”

Thus, Zakharova explains, the American side is violating previous agreements. “This understanding was legally enshrined in the relevant contract and end user certificate, which states in black and white that the helicopters in question are to be delivered to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for its armed forces,” the statement said.

“Only this way and nothing else,” emphasizes the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. “However, these legal restrictions, as we see, are not an obstacle to Washington in its unbridled desire to pump weapons to Kyiv.”

She said that the Russian embassy in the United States made a presentation to the State Department and demanded detailed explanations why our weapons are being supplied “to the left” without the consent of the exporter. However, according to Zakharova, there has still not been a clear answer from the Yankees, although there is a clear “neglect of contractual and contractual obligations.”

As noted in the statement, these actions of the Americans are “a blatant example of the policy of” double standards “when Washington fulfills only the agreements that are convenient for it at a particular moment.” The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that such US actions “only postpone the prospect of an early peaceful settlement in Ukraine,” and the responsibility for the consequences lies “with Washington and its puppets in Kyiv.”

As the military expert noted Alexander Khrolenkoa breach of contract for Americans could damage their reputation.

“Even if they acted as an intermediary in the sale of helicopters, such weapons obligations necessarily stipulate the conditions for re-export. And the neglect of these norms, of course, will not remain without consequences. The United States and other Western countries wanted to spit on their own obligations. But the proxy war will eventually end.

SP: And what will happen next?

– It turns out that Washington, having gained something in a short period of time, will lose much more as a reliable partner in such a serious area as the arms trade and, of course, not only in it. The Americans are simply demonstrating that they simply cannot be trusted. And you can be sure that this will not go unnoticed. After all, out of 195 states, only 65 supported sanctions against Russia. Most of the countries of the world reacted critically to them. So, it will cost the Americans dearly, because they will have to interact with the world further.

“SP”: – What difficulties can the delivered vehicles bring to our military?

— These are multifunctional helicopters. It seems that they will be destroyed shortly after they are handed over to the Ukrainian side, before Kyiv uses them.

The far-reaching consequences for the United States are also indicated by military expert of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev.

– Of course, Washington’s actions are a flagrant violation of various kinds of agreements – formal and informal. But they can also have retroactive effect, since they largely untie Russia’s hands and give rise to increased military-technical cooperation with states that the United States considers unfriendly and are in a state of conflict.

For example, we can transfer various types of weapons to Hezbollah fighters who are causing problems for the US military at the al-Tanf base in the Syrian province of Homs. Or reconsider approaches to cooperation in the field of defense with some countries. Let’s stop binding ourselves with sanctions obligations in some cases.

SP: Do you mean Iran?

“The arms embargo has ceased to apply to him. Iran, North Korea, some African states…

“SP”: – That is, there may be an audit of previous obligations on our part?

– And there is. Washington has essentially opened Pandora’s box. Now he risks running into a situation similar to the one that took place with their Stingers, which were first supplied to the Afghan rebels, but after the change of regime and the introduction of their troops, these “gifts” had to be looked for throughout the country – after all, the former wards began to attack their yesterdays hosts.

“SP”: – The options you mentioned make it possible to create problems for the States in various regions of the world – where their bases are located. Are we going to force them to leave?

“We can bring inconvenience closer to their territory. For example, to place some types of weapons in Cuba, in Venezuela, which will be an unpleasant surprise for the United States. This will go against some of the previous sometimes tacit agreements and will be a logical response to their shameless and arrogant behavior in the Ukrainian conflict.

“SP”: – In the case of the Mi-17 transferred to Ukraine, can we do something in the courts?

– In such cases, as a rule, everything is determined not by legal formulations, but by their interpretation. For example, when the Americans invaded Syria and supplied weapons to the opposition, they explained their actions by not recognizing the regime Bashar Assad. But in the Ukrainian conflict, we can also follow this path and declare a regime Zelensky criminal with all the ensuing consequences. But there is another ticklish moment in the situation in Ukraine, which is delicate for the US administration.

SP: What kind?

“Our country can stop messing around with the American instructors and mercenaries who have been captured by us and hand them over to the leadership of the DPR. There, let me remind you, the death penalty is in effect, unlike in Russia. And this audience will be given to the tribunal there. The same can befall “wild geese” from Britain, Poland and other countries. About it Biden and some Western leaders now try not to mention it, but it is unlikely that the public opinion of their countries will be delighted with the fate of their compatriots.

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