Dec 28, 2020
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MHD deputy Titov: Moscow has a powerful set of measures to support business

Andrey Titov, a member of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Science and Industry, believes that the possibilities of the capital’s support programs have allowed entrepreneurs to enter new markets and restart their business.

In an interview with AGN “Moscow” Titov recalled that to support Moscow businessmen there is a “13 subsidies” program, tax benefits and property payments are in place, as well as serious consulting and information support.

This year, according to the deputy, accelerators were held for different business sectors, one of them was the Restart 360 program, which worked online, which allowed entrepreneurs to combine participation in it with activities at their main place of work.

According to Andrey Titov, more than a hundred representatives of small and medium-sized businesses took part in the accelerator, 40 webinars were held.

“And this is already having an effect. For example, already during the program, one of the companies doubled its revenue, ”he stressed.

In his opinion, the measure proposed by the capital’s authorities has found its audience and helps enterprise managers cope with unfavorable external economic factors, get out of the test with significant growth, new skills and experience.

Earlier, Moscow City Duma deputy Valery Golovchenko said that the city has introduced the fifth package of measures to support business. He noted that in a crisis, support is necessary for almost all entrepreneurs, both large stores and small retail outlets.

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