Sep 16, 2020
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MHD deputy Kartavtseva: COVID situation in Moscow remains stable

Medical workers involved in the fight against coronavirus infection, as well as employees of social institutions, will continue to receive incentive payments. The money will be paid to them by October 15. The deputy of the Moscow City Duma Larisa Kartavtseva told about this.

She noted that this decision was made due to the fact that the threat of infection with COVID-19 still persists. In addition, doctors will be loaded with work due to the seasonal surge in the incidence of SARS and influenza.

According to Kartavtseva, the epidemiological situation in the Russian capital is generally stable, despite the fact that on September 16, the daily increase in infected people was 750 people.

“There is a simple explanation for this - an increase in the number of tests,” the deputy stressed.

She clarified that about 60 thousand PCR tests and about 50 thousand ELISA tests are carried out in Moscow every day. Compared to the beginning of August, the occupancy rate of registration for PCR testing in city polyclinics has almost doubled.

Kartavtseva said that in a week in the capital, the number of cases of pneumonia decreased by 4% and the number of hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19 decreased by 3%. More than half of those infected with coronavirus carry the disease asymptomatically or in a mild form.

According to the latest data, in Moscow, only 145 people from among patients with coronavirus need artificial lung ventilation, so 90% of ventilators in the capital's clinics are free.

“The Moscow Mayor expressed confidence in his readiness for any negative scenarios, but we sincerely hope that we will not have such,” the deputy said.

However, she recalled that in the fall, when the seasonal increase in the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza begins, it is especially important to maintain social distance in public places and wear masks.

Earlier it was reported that 5,670 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the Russian Federation over the past day, 132 people died.

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