May 15, 2020
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Messi, Ben Affleck, Ricky Martin kiss with their soul mates in the Residente video

The rapper from Puerto Rico Residente in his new video for the song "Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe" involved world stars and their lovers: Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, Argentinean footballer Lionel Messi, singer Ricky Martin and others.

Together with them even more 25 couples from Mexico, USA, Argentina, Norway, Sweden , Ukraine and other countries of the world gently kiss in the frame. Each couple sent a video from the place where they are now in quarantine with their family.

Translated into Russian, the name of the track sounds like "Before the world ends." The performer sings about tenderness during a pandemic.

- We share the same fear, because these days we have never encountered such a pandemic. And this pandemic, in turn, has never encountered such cohesion and unity. Thanks to kisses in different languages. And if this is the end, then we will find beauty in it. But perhaps this is actually the beginning, ”Residente commented on his new work.

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Ben Affleck and his lover Ana de Armas shared their kisses during a recent trip to the desert on the girl’s birthday . Lionel Messi with his wife Anotella Rokutstso captured their tenderness at home, Ricky Martin with her husband Gwan Yosef also.


Residente is a Puerto Rico artist who currently resides and works in the United States. He is also known as a writer and director, as well as one of the founders of the Puerto Rican alternative rap group Calle 13 .

The musician released five albums with the band before starting a solo career in the 2015 year. Residente presented its debut in 2015. He won four Grammy Awards and 17 Latin Grammy Awards - more than any other Latin artist.

In addition, the rapper is engaged in the production of documentaries, including Sin Mapa (500) and Residente (2017) and directed several of his clips.


) Nastya Kamenskih made a video in the courtyard of her house.

The singer presented a video on the track "Memoirs ".

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