Sep 17, 2020
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Messi behaves disgustingly: he calls names on the field and becomes impudent at Barça. The richest football player of the year went crazy?

Argentine forward Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the history of football, rarely seen in scandalous stories. In general, his reputation so far has been almost perfect. But what happened to Leo now?

It all started with the fact that Messi decided to leave Barcelona after a very bad season (the Catalans were left without titles for the first time in a long time). The club's management, of course, did not want to let go of their main star. They refused to unilaterally terminate the contract and release it free of charge, although such an option was provided. The club notified the player and agent that he would not be able to leave for free, and named a huge amount for the deal (700 million euros). Messi could go to court, but did not quarrel with the club that gave him everything. Although he had almost reached an agreement with Manchester City and dreamed of a new stage in his career.

Messi flees from Barcelona. How much can you earn from it

Attention, this is not a drill: Lionel Messi seems to have really run out of patience. The Argentine has notified Barcelona about leaving the club, the management has confirmed this. All teams in the world dream of seeing Leo at home, but where he ends up is still a mystery. If you solve it before Messi himself, you can earn decent money.

And Messi began to behave extremely arrogantly. The striker did not show up for the team's mandatory medical examination, and the next day he missed the first training session with new head coach Ronald Koeman.

- For the most part, it passed me by. Basically it was Messi's conflict with the club. Since then I have been talking to him and we will continue to work- said the new head coach of Barça. - He knows very well that he needs to improve physically, like the whole team. But his skill speaks for itself.

Although before that, the Spanish media wrote that after the first conversation between Koeman and Messi, their relations worsened and Lionel decided to leave the team completely.

- The privileges in the team are over, you need to do everything for the team. I will be adamant, you have to think about the team, - this is what the coach said to the player in a personal conversation, according to Spanish journalists.

In short, Messi is no longer the one around whom everything revolves at Barcelona. This was made clear by the new coach, who said he intends to rejuvenate the team. It turns out that in addition to the conflict with the president of the club, Messi has already strained relations with the mentor. And this, apparently, pisses off Messi. How else to understand that during a friendly game against “Gimnastica” he was rude to midfielder Javier Ribelles, calling him a jerk? Previously, this was not noticed for Leo.

- During our skirmish, Messi said, "Stop kicking me, you moron", - said after the match Ribelles.

In general, this whole story is very similar to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid after a conflict with the president of the royal club. But if the Portuguese did everything right and without undermining his reputation, then Messi did not. They began to accuse him of throwing the team at a difficult moment, almost running away like a rat from a sinking ship.

With all this, Messi has some good news. Forbes named him the highest paid soccer player in 2020. His income is $ 126 million (92 million he received from the club as a salary, another 34 - his income from advertising contracts). The second place belongs to the eternal rival of the Argentinean Cristiano Ronaldo ($ 117 million), and Neymar closed the top three ($ 96 million).

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Here Messi, of course, bypassed Krish. And this is the only thing he can boast of so far ... The season in La Liga has just begun. Messi needs to be proved that he is still the same hard worker on the field and no brawler. Will it come out?

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