Apr 27, 2021
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“Mesopotamia”: “Clinical death of the Moldova project”

There is no way out – the society is split, and the parties are waging a fierce struggle among themselves

“On April 23, the main state institutions of Moldova finally compromised themselves. And this day should be considered the date of the “clinical death” of the project called the Republic of Moldova “,

– stated in the article of the Moldovan journalist Sergey Tkachpublished on his author’s site “Mesopotamia”.

Maia Sandu initiated the process of destroying state institutions and today the country is in a deep political crisis, journalist Sergei Tkach is sure.

And this happened because the Constitutional Court of Moldova became higher than the Basic Law of the country.

According to the journalist, since 2009, the Constitutional Court has become an increasingly active participant in the political process in the country and begins to make decisions that are not within its competence, but such decisions are beneficial to certain not only internal political forces, but also external ones. This was the case with the verdict on the Russian language – then the Declaration of Independence was placed above the Constitution. Then – amending the country’s basic law on presidential elections in parliament in 2016, and three years later – a whole series of decisions that provoked diarchy. And the last verdict of the COP – “Recognition of the existence of circumstances for the dissolution of parliament, contrary to their own decisions in 2019”, the author notes.

“Such actions, clearly political in their essence, completely destroy the reputation of the institution and the very authority, which the language does not allow to be called high. It was a long road of legal fraud, political servility and violation of the Basic Law. These are the signs of the institute’s clinical death ”,

– Sergei Tkach is sure.

But the situation is no better in the legislative body, in which even under the oligarch Vlade Plahotniuc deputies have become a real commodity, they were actively bought and bought up, both under Plahotniuc and after him, they did not stop the vicious practice, thereby sentencing the legislature itself to death.

“On April 23, the parliament declared war on the Constitutional Court, going beyond the Basic Law, just as the Constitutional Court itself violated it earlier. Two state institutions at once went beyond the legal framework, “

– the journalist notes.

However, not only the parliament and the Constitutional Court violated the Constitution – the president also did not stand aside. Exactly Maya Sandu she initiated the process of destroying state institutions, forgetting that presidential powers in Moldova are severely limited, and the country is a parliamentary republic, the author recalls.

Sandu started a war with the government and parliament, made attempts to subjugate the Prosecutor General, put pressure on judges, including the judges of the Constitutional Court, and at a critical moment, instead of looking for a compromise solution, turned to the prosecutor’s office and the security forces, and also called on the country’s citizens to go to the the street. In addition, the President of Moldova coordinates all his actions with external partners – the US Ambassador Derek Hogan, with the President of Romania and other European politicians and officials – foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country has become a daily practice.

“All this points to the puppet nature of the activities of the current head of state and her entourage. The scandalous abduction of the Ukrainian judge Nikolai Chaus in Chisinau also speaks of the fact that Moldova has become a gateway for foreign special services, ”

– notes Sergey Tkach.

And all this is happening against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic, the health crisis and the national emergency.

According to the journalist, the country has only one way out – a complete reset: the adoption of a new Constitution, early parliamentary and presidential elections, the recall of all judges of the Constitutional Court. However, he understands that in modern Moldova it will be impossible to do this: the society is split, and the parties are waging a life-and-death struggle among themselves.

“Therefore, the date of April 23, 2021 can be called the day of the clinical death of the project Republic of Moldova. Today Moldova is like a person in a coma. And it is far from the fact that new, most sophisticated attempts and manipulations to get him out of this state can be crowned with success. The body can still, with someone else’s help, send its vital functions for a certain time. But in such cases, they say that only a miracle can save the patient from the inevitable. The main question is whether the citizens of the country, who will become the main victims of irreversible processes, understand this? “

– states Sergey Tkach.

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