Apr 20, 2021
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Merkel stood up for SP-2: “This gas is no worse than going through Ukraine!”

So far, gas from the Nord Stream 2 is not supplied to Germany, but the fuel flows through the Nord Stream no worse than through Ukraine. This is how German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about the construction of the second Baltic gas pipeline, which is causing heated debate in Europe.

“I know about the contradictions in connection with Nord Stream 2, I know the position of many member states (PACE). As an EU, we found a common ground by modifying the Gas Directive to authorize this pipeline. In any case, I would like to point out that the gas is not from Nord Stream 2, which is not being pumped yet, but the gas from Nord Stream 1 is no worse than what goes in transit through Ukraine or gas that comes from Russia through Turkey, ”- said the German Chancellor speaking via video link at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

Angela Merkel pointed out that Germany has made a decision to build Nord Stream 2 and now there is a political struggle, as many view the project differently.

Recall that Berlin is not inferior to Washington’s demands to abandon Nord Stream 2. In 2019, the European Union adopted amendments to the Gas Directive, which extend the Third Energy Package to gas pipelines from third countries built after May 2019.

The essence of the restrictions is that the gas supplier and the owner of the gas pipeline must be independent companies and capacities must be reserved for independent suppliers. In the case of Nord Stream 2, this threatens that after launch it will be able to operate at half capacity, and an exception to the rules requires a rather lengthy procedure with the creation of a commission from all EU member states. Otherwise, Gazprom will have to change the supply system and deliver gas, for example, at the entrance to Nord Stream 2.

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