Apr 20, 2021
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Merkel has been replaced. German party CDU has agreed on a candidate for the post of chancellor

The ruling German party “Christian Democratic Union of Germany” (CDU) has agreed on a candidate for the post of chancellor. It turned out to be the chairman of a political organization – Armin Lashet. Angela Merkel has been replaced.

Laschet’s candidacy received 31 votes during the voting of the party’s board. He significantly overtook his rival – Markus Söder, who was able to enlist the support of only six party members, writes Die Welt. Another six people did not vote at all. At the beginning of the meeting, Laschet confirmed his claims to the post of chancellor. He said that many pin their hopes on him.

“You must stand your ground and must not deviate,” I have often heard from others. I am ready to become a candidate from the CDU, – said the politician.

The current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has led the country since 2005, announced that she would not run for office. The elections will be held on September 26.

It is noteworthy that in recent years, the ratings of Merkel and the CDU have been steadily declining. This is due to the migration crisis in Europe, which, according to Eurosceptics, was arranged by the German Chancellor, as well as the inability of the authorities to effectively resist the coronavirus epidemic. At the end of last year, the German authorities introduced the toughest lockdown in history, which caused protests in society.

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