Nov 10, 2021
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Merkel confirms that she asked Putin to influence Minsk because of migrants

And about. German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed on the evening of November 10 that during today’s telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin she asked the Russian leader to influence the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in the situation with migrants near the EU borders.

“I would like to thank those countries that care about the protection of external borders – Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Today I had a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin and asked him to influence Lukashenka, because in this case people are used, ”Merkel quoted TASS as saying.

In her opinion, the crisis cannot yet be resolved humanely, but “it is important to protect the external perimeters of the EU.”

Earlier, the European Union asked Russia to influence Belarus because of the situation with migrants on the border of the republic with Poland. Thousands of illegal immigrants from the countries of the East and Africa have accumulated in front of the Polish barriers, who are trying to break into the EU.

Western countries blame Belarus for the current situation, the European Union plans to expand sanctions against Minsk due to the crisis on the border.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on November 10 that any community sanctions against the republic are illegitimate, and Russia will provide Belarus with all-round support.

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