Jan 31, 2021
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“Merging data”. Who announced the hunt for the security forces on the Web?

The names of the security officials, their photographs, phone numbers, links to pages on social networks, and, in some cases, the data of their relatives have been published. According to Kommersant, the authors of the Punishers of Russia channel, in which these publications appeared, use computer programs for face recognition, as well as specialized databases that have leaked to the Internet. In addition, it is indicated that a special search engine is also built into the channel, which allows you to download data added to the report in anonymous mode. The channel’s audience is already more than 8.5 thousand people.

The State Duma proposes to punish

Law enforcers have already paid attention to this channel. The same problem will be solved at the legislative level. Back in December last year, a bill was introduced to the State Duma that allows to hide the personal data of judges, security officials, employees of regulatory bodies and people close to them. According to the authors of the project, the publication of information about the private life of security officials and judges “negatively affects the exercise of their powers.”

By the way, Telegram was also used to publish personal data of the protesters: on January 26, the messenger blocked the OPPPoznanie channel, where their names and photographs were posted, reported. The publication of personal data of Russians, regardless of their profession, should be punished, believes Deputy of the United Russia faction Anton Gorelkin… “In this case, it poses a threat to the security of law enforcement officers and the aggravation of the social situation,” he notes. To solve the problem, he said, it is possible to develop initiatives that regulate the work of sites where you can “break through” data about a person.

By analogy with “Nekhta” and “Peacemaker”

It would seem suspicious: the personal data of the security officials began to be leaked only after the protests on January 23, and the State Duma deputy was concerned about this problem back in December last year. But, as the experience of Ukraine and Belarus has shown, the persecution of law enforcement officers and their families with their “Nekhta” and “Peacemaker” is an integral part of the scenario of “color revolutions” and attempts to change power.

It seems that they are working on the same training manual and the “Punishers of Russia” was created by analogy with the “Punishers of Belarus”. The stylistics are identical: “fascist sabbath”, “illegitimate junta”, “deanon of criminals” … In Russia, the Telegram channel, leaking names, phones and photographs of security officials, was obviously made by some tiktokers, accustomed to working in a hurry and with a left heel. The instruction “10 rules of the protester” was published, completely copied from the Belarusian chats. Here are collected tips on how to beat off each other from the police, block the roads with tires, trash bins and flower beds. And under point 9: “If you are detained, be sure to inform HRC“ Vesna ”. For a moment, this is a Belarusian, deprived of accreditation, human rights center. To Russia, he has, for now, at least nothing to do. But this did not bother anyone. When there is an irreconcilable struggle with the “punishers” in their heads, who pays attention to the little things ?!

There is a feeling that in the near future we will see many more analogies with the Belarusian or Ukrainian scenario.

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