Apr 27, 2021
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Mercury and Venus conjunct April 25: day of risks and dangers

Mercury and Venus conjunct April 25: day of risks and dangers

Mercury and Venus are the two largest planets in astrology. On April 25, a connection will take place between them. This is one of the most dangerous aspects. The experts told us what awaits us on April 25th.

This day is one of the most dangerous in April. It is more important to lay this Sunday in calmness and in the most pleasant atmosphere. If you had grandiose plans for the 25th, then pay attention to the astrologers’ advice pictured below.

A connection is when two objects are relatively close to each other. You won’t be able to see it, but it will come out to feel. When two planets are short, their energies mix. A chaotic and unpredictable impact on people begins, on the processes taking place in our lives. Chaos cannot be normal because it is unpredictable.

Also, when connecting, the negative sides of the planets are aggravated. Everything important is neutralized, because Venus and Mercury are opposite in their effect and in philosophy itself.

The posture will be impaired by the fact that the planets will meet a friend with a friend in the Sign of Taurus… It turns out that the greatest danger of this day will touch the sphere of the home.

On this day, breakdowns and malfunctions of electronics are possible, especially in the kitchen. Make sure that everything works normally, without failures and without violations of the rules for operating the equipment.

It is likely that there will be problems with electricity, leaks in pipes.… This is the day when such troubles should not be ignored, because it is fraught with disastrous consequences in the future. A fire can break out, you can flood the neighbors below.

It will be very difficult to work at home. It is more important for everyone who is engaged in freelancing to take a day off. Try to walk vigorously on this day and enjoy relaxation, do cute things.

Venus for the second house portrays a ruler, therefore astrologers believe that her decline can lead to loss of physical strength, apathy, twisting, malaise.

Also, another house of the horoscope, represented by Taurus, is responsible for human secrets. It is possible that someone learns something dignified about you that you are trying to hide. People can dig up a lot of dirt on you. It will be extremely difficult to get out. If you have any secrets, try to be leaner.

The other house in which the conjunction of Venus and Mercury will occur is the house of resources, so much so that the financial sector will also suffer. Be careful with your money. Never make big purchases, change currencies, or make grand deals.

Firstly, don’t wait for a miracle… If something terrible happens, then we will have to clean up the consequences ourselves. No need to guess at others. In total, you yourself can fix everything.

Another advice from astrologers for this day – maximum caution… On Sunday you have to try to find yourself adventures, but on this one they can find you on their own. If something goes wrong and your plans are cut short, then don’t panic. Solve problems with the utmost foresight.

Do not go on a long journey… On such days it is very dangerous to leave the city. As if it had already been said more sublimely, anything can happen, so much so that if you are not at home that day, ask someone close to drop in and check if everything is in order.

Do not quarrel with people… Disagreements on this day can cause the termination of communication, loss of friendship and love. All sympathy between people can be killed by one thrown word.

Enter anything that matters… These can be ideas, plans. On days like this, people become inattentive due to the decline of Mercury. The energy of the planet makes thoughts confused.

Experts advise to use conspiracies from troubles and problems. If something antipathy happens, don’t lose your head. May April 25 be a sweet day for you, on which you should have a rest and not meet any obstacles on your way.

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