Sep 11, 2022
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Mercenaries in Ukraine: Donbass “resolves the issue” on the spot

Mercenaries in Ukraine: Donbass "resolves the issue" on the spot

Photo: Serhii Hudak/Ukrinform via ZUMA Wire/TASS

Kyiv in the attack on Balakleya and Izyum relied on foreign mercenaries. It was they who went to the Russian positions over the corpses of unshelled Ukrainian recruits.

There are dozens of evidence of the participation of foreigners in Ukrainian atrocities in the Kharkiv region, even in the foreign press. NATO countries have ceased to hide the fact that through the hands of their mercenaries they are directly involved in military operations against Russia.

Although the majority of these mercenaries are not at all well-trained special forces, but only cruel and narrow-minded inhabitants who are greedy for money.

Hundreds of Islamic terrorists are fighting in the service of Kyiv – even from Nigeria

The points of deployment of foreign mercenaries, judging by the official data of the Ministry of Defense, are scattered along the entire front line. Russian military intelligence found them in the Donetsk region (Kurakhovo, Konstantinovka), Dnipropetrovsk region (Vyvodovo, Lyubimovka, Aleksandrovka), Kharkov region (Zolochev, Andreevka), as well as in large cities near the front line – Kharkov and Nikolaev.

By early August, according to the ministry, almost 7,500 fighters from other countries had entered Ukraine. The most active mercenaries were supplied by Poland (almost 2 thousand), Canada, the USA, Romania and Great Britain.

As for the post-Soviet countries, most of the militants are fighting from Georgia, Lithuania and Estonia. Countries with the most pronounced anti-Russian attitude. Moreover, Islamic militants, including Chechens from the Pankisi Gorge, are rushing from Georgia under the guise of foreign “legionnaires” to Ukraine.

Islamic militants are coming to Ukraine from Kosovo, Nigeria, Albania, Turkey, Syria – however, by the beginning of August, according to the Ministry of Defense, no more than 600 of them entered. Special Representative of the President of Russia Zamir Kabulov officially confirmed that mercenaries from Afghanistan are being deployed for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – these are both terrorists and former soldiers and officers of the regular army.

Most of the militants are from “Christian” countries. Although, regardless of religion, “soldiers of fortune” in any corner of the world are tempted by only one thing – money. And Kyiv’s NATO sponsors don’t spare money on salaries for militants.

It was foreign thugs that Kyiv threw to seize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

Allied troops destroyed more than 2.6 thousand foreign mercenaries. And these are calculations before the start of Kyiv’s active operations in the Krivoy Rog-Nikolaev and Izyum-Balakliya directions, where foreign fighters were thrown.

For example, in Kharkov and the settlements of the Kharkov region, high-precision strikes in August and early September destroyed militants from the United States, Germany and Poland. Obviously, it was on them that the Kyiv generals made their main bet.

Foreign thugs participated in an attempted attack on the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant during a visit by an IAEA delegation. Two sabotage groups on self-propelled barges, commanded by American and British military advisers, landed on the southern shore of the Kakhovka reservoir near Energodar. All mercenaries who refused to surrender were, of course, eliminated.

Earlier, foreign fighters participated in the battles for Mariupol and Severodonetsk. And the “Georgian Legion” (Ukrainian propaganda ascribes up to 700 fighters to it, although in reality there are much fewer of them) participated in the battles for the Gostomel military airfield in Kyiv.

Russia Has the meaning: foreign fighters are often poorly trained, have no experience

The mass participation of foreign fighters in the Kiev “counteroffensive” in the Kherson and Kharkov regions is confirmed by Western journalists and experts.

It is extremely curious how the Western press “formats” the public consciousness of its reader. So, Russian volunteers fighting in Ukraine are called mercenaries – “mercenaries”. But foreign mercenary fighters are called exclusively volunteers – “volunteers”.

This is how everything is turned upside down for a Western layman. However, the very appearance of foreign fighters in Ukraine is more of a PR stunt, the expert writes. Needles Murauskaite from the American University of Maryland in Russia Matters. She studied what kind of audience goes to fight on the side of Kyiv and made sure that most of them do not have real combat experience.

There are several dozen war veterans, including those in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it was on them that Kyiv made the main bet. The rest were attracted by Ukraine with promises of cheap and fast money.

– The central role of foreign fighters was that they figured prominently in the PR campaign. This helped Ukraine to internationalize the conflict, fueling the myth of East-West (not just Russia-Ukraine) confrontation,” Murauskaite tells Ukrainian state propaganda.

Numerous interviews with mercenaries fighting in the Kharkiv region have appeared in recent days in CNN, The Guardian, Washington Post – that is, the most authoritative Western publications. They didn’t just appear. According to expert Murauskaite, the myth of the “foreign legion” was specially created by Kyiv in order to attract public attention in other NATO countries. And at the same time beg Western politicians for more money for armaments.

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